?How much is the income of an aesthetic clinic

?How much is the income of an aesthetic clinic

The significant growth of aesthetic clinics in recent years has led to increased revenues for investors in this industry and has also piqued the interest of many individuals in investing in aesthetic clinics. The income from aesthetic clinics is considerable, making the establishment of an aesthetic clinic one of the most profitable businesses in Iran. Although the number of aesthetic clinics is increasing daily, fortunately, the market has not yet become saturated due to the high demand for beauty services.

The following sections will examine the income generated by aesthetic clinics in various lines and describe methods that can enhance the revenue of an aesthetic clinic. Stay with us till the end.

Which line is better for an aesthetic clinic’s income?

درآمد حاصل از لاین‌های مختلف کلینیک زیبایی

In 2023, the revenue generated from the beauty industry in the global market was estimated to be around $15.4 billion. According to research, it is predicted that the revenue from the beauty industry will increase by 11% to reach $25.9 billion by 2028.

Different lines are active in an aesthetic clinic, and the income varies depending on the number of lines. The following will examine the revenue from various lines separately.

Hair Removal Laser Line

One of the most profitable lines in aesthetic clinics is hair removal laser treatment. Many people nowadays are looking for a way to permanently remove unwanted hair, with laser treatment being the best method for permanent hair removal.

Permanent hair removal requires multiple laser sessions, and typically, each person needs about 6 to 8 separate sessions. It is important to note that after these sessions, maintenance sessions are also needed, usually every 6 months. Each full-body laser session costs, on average, 800,000 tomans for women and about 1,000,000 tomans for men. Therefore, securing a client can guarantee steady income from various sessions.

Overall, the income from hair removal laser services varies depending on the type of equipment, number of devices, clinic location, number of clients, etc. However, in a moderate area with a Candela device, one can expect to earn about 60-80 million tomans per month after four months. Similarly, using a Radoplus device under the same conditions typically yields between 40-60 million tomans per month.

Skin Rejuvenation Line

Many people are looking for a suitable, non-surgical method to maintain their skin’s beauty, and skin rejuvenation is one of the best methods to achieve this desire. Skin rejuvenation lines in beauty clinics are usually very busy, generating substantial income for the clinics.

Skin rejuvenation with HIFU devices typically occurs once and lasts for about 6 months. The cost per session for facial rejuvenation with a HIFU device ranges from 2 to 5 million tomans. If a skin rejuvenation line in a moderate area uses a HIFU laser device, it can expect to earn between 30 to 50 million tomans per month after four months.

Facial Treatment Line

Attention to natural beauty is increasing day by day. Many people use skincare services to maintain a youthful and vibrant skin. The facial treatment line in aesthetic clinics can rejuvenate and refresh individuals’ skin, preventing the formation of wrinkles and lines.

As mentioned, the facial treatment line offers various services and uses different equipment. Depending on the type and number of devices, number of clients, etc., the income from the facial treatment line varies.

Facial treatment sessions should ideally be repeated monthly. The average cost per facial session ranges from 400,000 to 800,000 tomans. However, in a moderate area, one can expect to earn approximately 30-50 million tomans per month after about 4 months.

Hair and Eyebrow Transplant Line

Hair and eyebrows significantly affect facial beauty, but unfortunately, people lose hair and eyebrows due to various reasons such as aging, genetic factors, diseases, stress, etc. The hair and eyebrow transplant line in aesthetic clinics has solved this problem using modern methods.

The income from hair and eyebrow transplants is increasing day by day. Many men visit beauty clinics for hair transplants, and this line has gained more popularity in recent years.

Usually, only one session is needed for hair and eyebrow transplants. The average cost for an eyebrow transplant is about 8-10 million tomans, and for hair transplants, it is around 20-30 million tomans, depending on the number of grafts used. Generally, the income from the hair and eyebrow transplant line in a moderate area after overcoming the initial slow period is about 40 to 60 million tomans per month.

Weight Loss and Fitness Line

In today’s world, maintaining fitness is challenging due to increased consumption of unhealthy foods, reduced physical activity, and rising stress and anxiety. Moreover, many people do not have enough time to exercise due to busy schedules. Therefore, many people visit aesthetic clinics for weight loss and use other methods such as surgeries and diets to lose weight.

The income from the fitness line in aesthetic clinics is continuously increasing. Depending on the methods the clinic uses for weight loss, the specialist doctor, the equipment used, etc., the income varies significantly.

For weight loss and fitness using laser devices, typically 8 to 10 separate sessions with intervals of about 2 to 4 weeks are needed. Usually, each laser weight loss session costs about 1 to 3 million tomans. However, in a moderate area, the income from the weight loss and fitness line using the Cryolipolysis laser device is approximately 30 to 50 million tomans per month.

Factors Affecting the Income of Aesthetic Clinics

عوامل موثر بر درآمد کلینیک زیبایی

As mentioned throughout the article, several factors influence the income of an aesthetic clinic. If you are also looking to start your own beauty clinic and aim for high revenue, you should consider the following points before establishing your clinic.

  • Number of Active Lines in the Clinic:

The income of an aesthetic clinic increases with the number of active lines. However, if you lack experience in all areas of aesthetic clinic services, it might be better to start with profitable lines such as hair removal lasers and gradually expand your clinic.

  • Quality of Devices Used:

One of the factors that directly affect customer attraction is the quality of devices used in your aesthetic clinic. Many people consider the quality of the devices as a criterion for choosing a clinic. Therefore, it is important to purchase devices that are of high quality to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Location of the Aesthetic Clinic:

The location of the clinic is a significant factor affecting its income. Beauty clinics in metropolitan areas generally earn more than those in smaller cities. The more a beauty clinic is situated in a high-traffic area, the higher the number of customers it will attract.

When choosing a suitable location for your aesthetic clinic, there are many points to consider. For instance, it is preferable for the clinic to be near a large store, gym, leisure complex, etc. Additionally, it should be located in a place that has adequate parking and is easily accessible via metro, BRT, etc.

  • Doctor and Specialized Staff:

Using a well-known specialized doctor is one of the factors that enhance the credibility of an aesthetic clinic, consequently attracting customers. Furthermore, employing specialized staff who are skilled in their work and interact appropriately, creating a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for clients, can also help in attracting more customers.

Methods to Increase the Income of an Aesthetic Clinic

روش‌های افزایش درآمد کلینیک زیبایی

There are various methods to increase the revenue of beauty clinics, and this section will discuss the most important and impactful ones.

Advertising on Social Media:

One of the significant factors in attracting customers is advertising on social media. Many people use social media to find a suitable beauty clinic initially. It’s advisable for you to start your activities on social media and attract customers by showcasing your work in various services.

Having a Website:

It is beneficial for your beauty clinic to have a reputable website where information about the active lines of your clinic is provided. If this site contains useful content in the field of beauty clinic services, it will add to your clinic’s credibility. On this website, you can present your work samples and expedite the customer reception process with online appointment scheduling.

Fair Pricing:

With the increasing number of beauty clinics that often provide excellent services, if you want to earn more income than your competitors, you should use fair prices for your services.

Using Gifts or Discounts on Various Occasions:

One of the best methods to attract customers and increase income is using gifts or discounts on various occasions. If you’re looking for a quick way to boost income, offering discounts on services is recommended. Offering discounts can attract a large number of customers in a short period. However, if you want to retain your customers for a longer term, we recommend using promotional gifts. Promotional gifts, besides having a positive impact on the mind, are a sign of the respect and value you place on your customers and can thus attract many customers in the long term and significantly increase your income.

For more information on advertising methods that can increase the revenue of your beauty clinic, you can refer to the article on aesthetic clinic advertising.

Friendly and Respectful Interaction with Customers:

Another factor that indirectly influences your income is the correct and respectful interaction with customers. Although this method is much less costly compared to other methods, it is often overlooked. A friendly and at the same time respectful interaction with customers creates a sense of comfort and trust.

Additionally, if this friendly behavior is accompanied by a small gesture, such as serving a cup of coffee, it signifies the value you place on your customers. As a result, it helps retain existing customers and attract new ones.


This article reviewed the income levels of beauty clinics in various services and discussed the most important methods for increasing income in beauty clinics. Although the number of beauty clinics is increasing day by day, the income from beauty clinics is still high and considered a suitable investment opportunity.

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