Opening an Aesthetic Clinic

Opening an Aesthetic Clinic

If you are thinking of opening an Aesthetic clinic, you might be experiencing feelings of anxiety, worry, and fear. Establishing an Aesthetic clinic, while one of the most lucrative businesses in Iran today, comes with its challenges. When setting up an Aesthetic clinic, many factors need to be considered to ensure its success. In this article, we will guide you step-by-step through the process of establishing an Aesthetic clinic, so we recommend staying with us until the end.

Creating a Business Plan

The first step in opening an Aesthetic clinic is creating a business plan. A business plan acts as a roadmap and, considering your wants and needs, guides you step-by-step through the establishment of your clinic. It includes information about the services you offer, market analysis, financial projections, and an implementation plan to start a business. Creating a business plan might seem difficult and time-consuming initially, but having all this documented information as a set makes decision-making much easier.

For more information on creating a business plan, you can refer to the article on Guide to Designing a Business Plan for Aesthetic Clinics.

Finding an Investor

After creating a business plan, the next step is to find a suitable investor for your project. Opening an Aesthetic clinic typically requires a significant amount of capital, and you may not have sufficient funds to invest. In this case, partnering in the establishment of the clinic is a suitable method.

To find the right person to invest in your Aesthetic clinic, it’s best to thoroughly research potential investors and then hold multiple meetings to choose the best person for the investment. It’s advantageous if the investors are familiar with the beauty industry or even have experience investing in Aesthetic clinics, as working with such individuals will be much easier. The more accurate and realistic your information about opening an Aesthetic clinic, the higher your chances of attracting investors.

Choosing the Right Location

Choosing the Right Location

The next step is selecting the right location for your Aesthetic clinic. The location directly impacts your income, so spend significant time finding the best spot. Generally, a Aesthetic clinic should be established in a densely populated area with easy access by public transportation and private cars. The chosen location should also meet the necessary standards for obtaining a license from the Ministry of Health. Therefore, consulting with an expert in establishing Aesthetic clinics is essential for selecting the appropriate location.

For more information on choosing the right location, you can refer to the article on Choosing the Right Location for an Aesthetic Clinic.

Obtaining Licenses

One of the crucial steps in opening an Aesthetic clinic is obtaining the necessary licenses. You cannot legally operate without a license, and having one can also help gain customers’ trust.

To obtain an Aesthetic clinic license, visit the website and register. For more information on the benefits of obtaining a license and the application process, refer to the article on Obtaining an Aesthetic Clinic License.

Purchasing Equipment and Supplies

A vital step in setting up an Aesthetic clinic is purchasing the required equipment and supplies. With the increase in the number of manufacturers and the presence of counterfeit products, choosing suitable devices has become more challenging.

Purchased devices should be of high quality and efficiency and have the necessary certifications from relevant organizations. They should also be popular among the community to attract more customers.

For more information on the needed equipment for Aesthetic clinics, refer to the article on Aesthetic Clinic Equipment.

Hiring Staff

Opening an Aesthetic Clinic

The next step is hiring experienced and skilled staff for the beauty clinic. You can use job search websites like Iran Talent, Jobinja, and Job Vision. By detailing each role’s responsibilities and your expectations, you can post job advertisements and invite qualified candidates for interviews. Finally, choose the most suitable person for your beauty clinic based on their capabilities and your expectations.

Since clinic staff directly interact with your clients, in addition to their experience and abilities, consider their communication skills, patience, and friendliness.

Advertising and Marketing

The final step, after establishing your Aesthetic clinic, is advertising and marketing. Advertising and marketing directly affect the number of clients and your income, so it’s crucial to focus on this area. With advancements in technology, numerous marketing methods for Aesthetic clinics have been developed, from producing and distributing paper brochures to advertising on social media.

As discussed, various advertising methods exist, and depending on the services offered at your clinic, some methods may be more suitable. For more information on advertising methods, refer to the article on Aesthetic Clinic Advertising.


This article has detailed the essential steps for establishing an Aesthetic clinic. Although these steps might initially seem simple, success requires a lot of effort and focus. As long as you carefully follow the above steps, there is no reason your beauty clinic should not succeed. Having an expert consultant can also be a significant help and ensure your success.

We recommend Pickup Sarmayeh for this purpose. With over six years of experience in equipping and establishing Aesthetic clinics, Pickup Capital is ready to serve you. Pickup Sarmayeh will assist you with business planning, selecting the right location, purchasing equipment, hiring staff, and more. For more information about Pickup Sarmayeh services, complete the form on our contact page, and our experts will contact you shortly.

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