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Today, visiting aesthetic clinics is very common, and many people from various social strata go to beaesthetic clinics to become more beautiful and, consequently, to increase their self-confidence. Almost every time you enter a gathering, you hear about aesthetic clinics and their services, and everyone has some basic familiarity with aesthetic clinics and their services. But what really are aesthetic clinics?

A aesthetic clinic is a place for providing beauty services, which can operate in various lines such as laser treatments, rejuvenation, slimming, etc. Depending on the investor’s budget, a clinic can operate in one or several different lines. With an increase in the number of lines, the number of customers and the amount of income will obviously increase.

Establishing a aesthetic clinic has become one of the most profitable businesses in Iran today. Given the increased attention to beauty in today’s society, people are more inclined to protect their skin and health. Due to advancements in the country’s medical industry and also because of the depreciation of the national currency, Iran has become one of the main destinations for people to utilize beauty services. Although the number of aesthetic clinics is increasing daily, given that many people from all walks of life visit these clinics, there is still sufficient capacity to enter this field, and investors can achieve substantial profits in a short period of time.

What is the difference between a medical office and a aesthetic clinic?

Although the terms ‘beauty office’ and ‘aesthetic clinic’ might occasionally be used interchangeably by mistake, they do have differences. Typically, the floor area of a aesthetic clinic is usually more than 200 square meters, whereas beauty offices can operate in smaller spaces. Additionally, the technical manager in a aesthetic clinic must be a dermatologist and hair specialist, while in a beauty office, the technical manager can be a general practitioner.

aesthetic clinic services

خدمات کلینیک زیبایی

aesthetic clinics, which are active in most cities today, offer a variety of services. These clinics provide beauty services in different lines depending on the doctor’s specialization, the clinic’s size, the income level of the local population, etc. In large cities and affluent areas, aesthetic clinics often offer services across all lines. In contrast, in smaller towns and areas with relatively lower general income, aesthetic clinics may only operate in a few specific lines.

Generally, the services provided by aesthetic clinics include:

  • Laser hair removal
  • Gel injections
  • Facial treatments
  • Hair/Eyebrow transplantation
  • Microblading
  • Botox
  • Fat injections
  • Skin rejuvenation (HIFU therapy, radiofrequency, carboxytherapy, etc.)
  • Tattoo removal
  • Face lift
  • Mesotherapy for skin/hair
  • Mole surgery
  • Microneedling

For more information about the services, we recommend reading the article on aesthetic clinic services.

aesthetic clinic equipment

تجهیزات کلینیک زیبایی

One of the effective factors in attracting customers to aesthetic clinics is the use of up-to-date equipment. Using modern and advanced equipment builds customer trust and also makes the services provided more effective, resulting in a greater interest from beauty seekers to continue their collaboration.

Generally, based on the services they offer, aesthetic clinics may need different types of equipment. The equipment required for aesthetic clinics are categorized into seven types:

1. Laser Line: The laser line is one of the most popular and practical lines in aesthetic clinics and plays a significant role in attracting customers. Many people visit aesthetic clinics to get rid of unwanted hair and benefit from the services of this line. Depending on the customer’s skin tone and the manufacturer, there are various devices available in the market for laser hair removal. Some of the most important of these devices are listed below:

    • Candela device
    • Rado device
    • Alexandrite device
  1. 2. Slimming Line: Nowadays, striving to achieve an ideal weight and body shape has become a significant concern for many individuals. Unfortunately, due to the busy lives of people and lack of time, the consumption of healthy and homemade foods has decreased. Also, many people do not have enough time to participate in gyms and perform physical exercises. Therefore, individuals try to use other methods to lose weight. aesthetic clinics can attract many customers by offering services in the slimming line. Below are some of the devices needed in the slimming line:
    • Cryolipolysis device
    • RF Cavitation device
    • Radio Frequency device
    • True Sculpt device
    • Shockwave
    • Onda device
    • Sculpsure
    • Cool Sculpting
    • Microdermabrasion


3. Rejuvenation Line: Youthful and vibrant skin is a concern for many people today. Many individuals, especially women, spend a significant amount annually on skin rejuvenation. aesthetic clinics can achieve substantial annual profits by using advanced devices for this purpose. The most important device in the rejuvenation line is the HIFU machine, which is available in various types in the market, including:

  • Delta HIFU device
  • Ultra HIFU device
  • Ultraformer HIFU device
  • Doublo Gold HIFU device …

4. Procedure Line: One of the popular lines in aesthetic clinics, especially in Iran, involves injections like fillers, Botox, gel, etc. Many people are interested in making changes to their face without surgical methods to enhance their beauty. Therefore, this line is very practical for such individuals. Generally, this line includes:

  • Fillers
  • Botox
  • Mesogel

5. Skin Line: Attention to skin health has significantly increased over the past decade, and many people spend a lot on rejuvenating their skin. aesthetic clinics can quickly generate substantial profits by offering services in the skin line. The most important devices used in this line include:

  • Facial device
  • Mesoneedling device
  • Microneedling device
  • Steamer

6. Laser Therapy Line: Some aesthetic clinics also provide therapeutic services. These services include removing scars and blemishes, mole and wart removal, etc. Below is the most important device needed in this line:

  • Fractional CO2 laser device

7. Auxiliary Services: In addition to the services reviewed, some aesthetic clinics offer other services that obviously require more equipment, which will be discussed further:

  • Tattoo removal laser (Q-switch)
  • Massage chair
  • Massager
  • Centrifuge
  • Examination bed
  • Special lights

For more information about the equipment used in different lines of aesthetic clinics, you can refer to the article on aesthetic clinic equipment.

Aesthetic clinic permits

قیمت دستگاه های کلینیک زیبایی

At first glance, the prices of aesthetic clinic devices may seem expensive, but given the high demand for beauty procedures and the high profits in this industry, the cost of these devices quickly pays off. Therefore, investing in establishing a aesthetic clinic is considered an excellent investment for many people. It is also important to note that the possibility of purchasing equipment in cash or installments is available to you.

Several factors affect the prices of aesthetic clinic devices, such as the type of device, the brand and manufacturer, the capabilities and features of the device, and more. For accurate information on the most up-to-date prices of devices in the beauty field, you can refer to the article on aesthetic clinic device prices.

Aesthetic clinic advertising

مجوز کلینیک زیبایی

Like any other business, establishing a aesthetic clinic requires obtaining the necessary licenses. These licenses may vary depending on the lines that will be active in the aesthetic clinic. Below, the most important licenses required for aesthetic clinics will be reviewed.

Individual Licenses: A aesthetic clinic needs a doctor to begin operations and obtain a license to establish the clinic. If you are not a doctor and intend to establish your own aesthetic clinic, do not worry; you can use a doctor’s license by signing a contract with them. However, depending on the lines you offer in your clinic, you may need more than one doctor.

Building License: The location where the clinic is established must be able to obtain the necessary licenses. To receive a building license, you must consider the building’s size, the number of required rooms, and safety standards.

For precise information about the documents and conditions required to obtain a license, you can refer to the article on aesthetic clinic licenses. This article comprehensively and thoroughly examines the process of obtaining a aesthetic clinic license.

Costs of Establishing an Aesthetic clinic

Establishing a aesthetic clinic, like any other business, involves costs. Some of these costs are fixed and only need to be paid once, such as purchasing the necessary devices for the clinic. Some costs are ongoing and may require a monthly amount to be considered, such as building maintenance fees or staff salaries.

Overall, the cost of establishing a aesthetic clinic depends on the lines active in the clinic, the location of the clinic, the number of staff, and other factors. Below are the main costs necessary for establishing a clinic.

  • Buying/renting a clinic
  • Obtaining licenses
  • Hiring doctors and staff
  • Purchasing equipment
  • Buying drugs and consumables
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Insurance
  • Taxes
  • Building maintenance

Advertising for Aesthetic clinics

One of the main methods for attracting customers is through advertising and marketing. With the advancement of technology and easy access to the digital world, advertising has taken a new form. Designing a website, engaging on Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., are among the cost-effective yet effective marketing methods. Many people spend a significant portion of their day on social networks, so advertising on these platforms can greatly impact customer attraction.

In addition to these methods, other effective advertising techniques include distributing flyers, TV commercials, and local newspaper ads. If done correctly, these advertising methods can attract many customers.

Generally, attracting customers in a short amount of time requires extensive advertising. However, it is important to note that exaggerating in your advertisements can backfire. If you are not familiar with advertising and marketing techniques, it is advisable to consult a specialist. Additionally, you can gain useful information by referring to the article on aesthetic clinic advertising.

Investing in an Aesthetic clinic

Nowadays, due to existing economic difficulties, everyone is looking for a new source of income and is trying to invest in a specific field to earn money. Investing in a aesthetic clinic is currently one of the best investment methods, which returns the initial capital in a short period and has a low risk of failure.

Given that people are paying more attention to their health and beauty today, visits to aesthetic clinics are increasing. Also, keep in mind that by investing in a aesthetic clinic, not only can you generate income, but you can also create employment opportunities for many people.

However, establishing a aesthetic clinic may also involve risks, such as if equipment not approved by the Ministry of Health is used, the clinic could be shut down. There is also the possibility that the number of customers may not reach the required threshold, causing the investor to incur losses, among other similar risks. However, there is no need to worry, as Pickup Sarmayeh, with more than 6 years of experience in setting up beauty clinics, offers free investment advice to help you make the best decision for establishing your clinic.

You can use Pickup Sarmayeh free consultation by visiting our contact page and waiting for our experts to call you after you fill out the form.

Revenue from an Aesthetic clinic

Over the past few decades, revenue from aesthetic clinics has seen significant growth. Establishing a aesthetic clinicis one of the most profitable businesses in Iran. The attention to personal health on one side and to beauty on the other has led to an increase in the number of aesthetic cliniccustomers in recent years.

Various factors influence the revenue of a clinic, including the number of active lines in the clinic, the location of the clinic, the quality of services, the extent of advertising and marketing, and more.

Although the number of aesthetic clinics has significantly increased in recent years, there is still considerable potential for opening new clinics in Iran. One reason for this is the number of people from abroad who visit for beauty services. Due to the value of money and advancements in medical and beauty services, Iran has become a significant destination for beauty procedures, generating substantial annual income for the country.

Designing an Aesthetic clinic

طراحی کلینیک زیبایی

When someone enters a new place, the first thing that catches their eye is the surroundings. aesthetic clinics are no exception, so it can be said that proper design of a aesthetic clinic plays a significant role in attracting customers.

A aesthetic clinic should be a place where beauty seekers can feel comfortable and relaxed and spend pleasant times, and it also needs to be visually appealing so that people do not get bored while waiting. For this, important factors such as the color spectrum used, proper lighting, purchasing practical equipment, using appropriate signs, etc., need to be considered.

Depending on the active lines, aesthetic clinics may need multiple rooms, so the clinic’s design should optimize the use of all available space. Also, attention to the electrical wiring of the building is another factor that must be considered to prevent issues with the devices.

Although designing a aesthetic clinic may seem easy at first glance, it can become a significant challenge. Therefore, it is best to speak with a consultant before designing your clinic or to entrust the design to a specialist in clinic design to get the best response in a short time.

Working in an Aesthetic clinic

As discussed in previous sections, a aesthetic clinic may offer services in various lines. Based on the active lines, different individuals work in a aesthetic clinic. Also, the number of people working in a clinic varies depending on the number of visitors and the active lines. Typically, the following people work in a clinic:

  • Doctor (general practitioner/dermatologist/beautician)
  • Doctor’s assistant
  • Secretary
  • Laser operator
  • Beauty therapist (facial specialist)
  • Slimming operator
  • Nutritionist
  • Instagram admin

The Best Aesthetic clinic

Although establishing a aesthetic clinic may not seem difficult at first, becoming the best aesthetic clinic will not be an easy task. The number of aesthetic clinics is increasing daily, which may lead to significant competition among them. However, to become the best in its field, a aesthetic clinic needs to have certain features, which will be discussed below:

  • Use of up-to-date and advanced devices
  • Offering services in various lines
  • Using authorized drugs and consumables
  • Providing services at reasonable prices
  • Easy access for all people
  • Experienced and friendly staff
  • Adherence to hygiene issues

Below you will see a list of the best aesthetic clinics in Tehran Province:

  • Paradise Clinic
  • Calin Clinic
  • Iranian Clinic
  • Artemis Clinic
  • Hura Clinic
  • Golbarg Clinic
  • Mehraz Clinic
  • Helya Clinic
  • Atrisa Clinic
  • Blue Touch Clinic
  • Golden Moon Clinic
  • Golden Royal Clinic
  • Golban Clinic
  • Arman Clinic

As discussed in this article, establishing aesthetic clinics is a profitable investment in Iran. aesthetic clinics, depending on the services they offer, can generate several hundred million tomans in revenue per month. While setting up and equipping a aesthetic clinic may seem easy at first glance, there are complexities involved that make it advisable to seek help from a specialist consultant. Pickup Sarmayeh, with 6 years of experience in establishing aesthetic clinics and having set up over 200 clinics across the country, is ready to assist you with free consultation. You can use the free consultation by visiting our contact page and waiting for our colleagues to contact you after filling out the required form.

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