Establishing a beauty clinic

Today, one of the best investment methods in Iran is establishing a beauty clinic. Every day, a large number of individuals are seeking new methods to improve their appearance. Therefore, by establishing a beauty clinic, one can meet this increasing demand and need of the people. Launching a beauty clinic has allocated a significant market to itself and is considered a reliable investment method. Additionally, the income of a beauty clinic is considerable, and despite the large number of beauty clinics in the country, profitability can still be achieved.

In addition, establishing a beauty clinic can contribute to entrepreneurship and job creation in the country, paving the way for a better future for the youth and nurturing their talents and potential.

Perhaps the biggest fear when starting any business is the uncertainty about its profitability and benefits. However, at the same time, leveraging the experience of pioneers in the field will significantly impact how the work is done. Therefore, benefiting from the knowledge of an experienced company in establishing a beauty clinic can ensure your success.

Pickup sarmyeh, as the first experienced company in equipping and establishing beauty clinics with over 6 years of experience and the establishment of more than 210 beauty clinics nationwide, is ready to serve our esteemed compatriots. Pickup sarmayeh assists investors, even those without expertise and with minimal capital, on the path from clinic establishment to profitability. Additionally,  Pickup sarmayeh provides a guarantee of capital return, which will be specified in your contract.


Launching a beauty clinic is a smart investment.

Just as investing in any field requires expertise and experience, establishing a beauty clinic will also be secure and low-risk with careful consideration of certain points and adherence to all relevant stages.

Therefore, if you intend to make a profitable investment in this area, it is better to first become familiar with all these stages and then, at each stage of launching your beauty clinic, seek guidance and assistance from experts in that field. The first step in establishing a beauty clinic, which likely has already occupied your mind, is obtaining the license to establish the clinic. Next, we will discuss the points related to obtaining the license for the beauty clinic, so we suggest you stay with us until the end.

License for establishing a beauty clinic

One of the primary stages in establishing a beauty clinic is obtaining a license from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. Obtaining a license is only possible by a general practitioner or a specialist in dermatology. Currently, nurse practitioners or investors cannot obtain the license. However, it should be noted that by contracting with a physician, the investor can proceed to obtain the license, and after providing the necessary documents, they can receive the license to establish the beauty clinic.

Establishing a beauty clinic not only involves obtaining a license using a physician’s practice permit but also requires obtaining a license for the building intended for the beauty clinic, which must be approved by experts from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. If you are also seeking to obtain a license for your beauty clinic, we recommend reading an article on the requirements for obtaining a beauty clinic license.

In the following, we intend to familiarize you with the 8 important steps in establishing a beauty clinic with Pickup sarmayeh and examine each one in detail; Pickup sarmayeh is with you every step of the way. Stay with us until the end.

The stages of establishing a beauty clinic

Step One: Consultation for design and completion of the business plan, and presenting the business model.

Consultation for designing and completing a business plan for clients is a process aimed at guiding and directing clients in establishing and developing their businesses. In this stage, experienced and specialized consultants in business consultancy interact with the client to determine the optimal path for realizing their business ideas and objectives.

In this step, the following services are provided:

  1. Analysis of the current situation: Consultants identify strengths and weaknesses, as well as potential opportunities and challenges by analyzing the current status of the client’s business.

  2. Examination of goals and approaches: Clients have specific goals for their business. Consultants develop a plan that aligns with the client’s goals and values by listening to their objectives and values.

  3. Designing business strategy: At this stage, a comprehensive business strategy is developed for the client, including risk assessment, opportunities, target markets, competitors, revenue models, etc.

  4. Preparation and completion of the business plan: Based on the business strategy, consultants assist in preparing and completing the business plan. This business plan includes a complete introduction to the business, description of the product or service, target market, marketing strategy, financial budget, etc.

  5. Providing guidance and advice in the form of a business model: Consultants provide clients with the necessary guidance and advice to succeed from the simplest details to more complex ones. This is done in the form of presenting a business model to the client.

  6. Support and follow-up: After presenting the business plan, consultants continue to follow up and support to ensure that the client will succeed in implementing their business plan. If necessary, adjustments and changes are made.

Therefore, the first step of consultation for designing and completing a business plan serves as an important and fundamental stage in the establishment or development of clients’ businesses, helping to create a strong and strategic foundation for their success.

Step Two: Consultation for selecting a suitable location to establish the clinic and examining and confirming the appropriate property

The location of the beauty clinic will significantly impact the provision of services, the level of income generated, and even the marketing and advertising strategy of the clinic. Choosing the right location in this investment will make your job easier in attracting customers and earning more income.

Pickup Capital examines the following elements for selecting the best location:

  1. Financial status of the people in the area.
  2. Building area.
  3. Presence of positive factors to attract customers, such as the presence of salons, gyms, etc., around the location.
  4. Easy accessibility for customers: The location of the beauty clinic should have parking space for visitors.
  5. Presence of traffic and foot traffic: This indicates the high traffic flow around your clinic and can help increase customers.
  6. Market competition: When examining market competition, Pickup Capital pays close attention to the following:
    • Ensure there are no other beauty clinics nearby or if they are, they should be at a suitable distance from your clinic.
    • Analyze the services and equipment of your competitors.
    • Conduct thorough pricing analysis.

Ultimately, with the assistance of Pickup Capital’s executive specialists, the best location is chosen based on your capital, ensuring that by launching up-to-date and unique services, you present yourself in the beauty market competition in the best possible way.

Step Three: Consultation for designing suitable decoration and equipment

Decoration is one of the crucial factors in attracting clients to a beauty clinic. Here are some of the impacts of decoration on attracting clients to a beauty clinic:

  1. Providing comfort to clients: Choosing calming and coordinated colors, using appropriate lighting, selecting modern and beautiful furniture and equipment, provide clients with a sense of comfort and enjoyment, encouraging them to spend time in your clinic.

  2. Building trust: Proper and professional decoration instills in clients the feeling that the clinic is a clean, beautiful, and hygienic environment, offering quality services.

  3. Alignment with services: The decoration of the beauty clinic should be aligned with the type of services you provide. This alignment makes clients feel that you have a complete understanding of their needs and preferences.

Overall, the environment is one of the most important factors in attracting clients to beauty clinics. Pickup Capital, with its criteria of psychology and space minimalism, has been able to attract the satisfaction of clients of beauty clinics.

Step Four: Consultation on Procurement and Equipment Supply, Quality Assurance, and Performance

We have always prioritized the health, well-being, and beauty of individuals above all else, and therefore, we continuously strive to ensure the physical health of clients in beauty clinics by using the best and highest quality equipment.

Some of the advantages of equipping clinics with up-to-date and advanced devices include:

  1. Customer Perception: When customers realize that your clinic uses state-of-the-art equipment, they feel that your services are also up-to-date and provided using new and advanced technologies.

  2. Enhanced Customer Experience and Satisfaction: The use of advanced and new devices induces a sense of comfort, minimal pain, and discomfort in customers. This leads to customer satisfaction and recommendations to others due to the quality of your services, thus helping attract more customers to your clinic.

  3. Competitiveness with Competitors: By using the latest technology and up-to-date devices, you can provide quality and updated services, outpacing competitors.

Pickup Capital provides important services such as:

  1. Quality Assurance (Warranty)
  2. Warranty and After-Sales Services
  3. Cost-effectiveness
  4. Purchase conditions, including cash and installment options.

It offers you the best consultation for procuring and supplying equipment, dear investor.

Step Five: Holding Management Workshops and Cash Audit for Oversight of Clinic Operations

In this step, we at Pickup Capital provide specialized workshops on executive clinic management and cash audit skills. This workshop aims to enhance our clients’ knowledge and managerial abilities in the beauty business field and improve the operational quality of their clinics.

The following topics are covered in this specialized workshop:

Executive Clinic Management:

  • Planning and time management in the clinic
  • Personnel management and teamwork
  • Establishing effective processes and procedures for service delivery
  • Establishing effective communication with clients and managing client relations
  • Management strategies to deal with daily challenges and problems

Management Techniques for a Beauty Establishment:

  • Marketing strategies and advertising to attract customers
  • Inventory management and supply of goods and consumables
  • Enhancing customer experience through quality and diverse services
  • Financial management and optimal budgeting
  • Creating growth and sustainable development strategies

Cash Audit:

  • Principles and fundamentals of cash auditing and successful experiences
  • Precise and effective management of income and expenses
  • Analysis of financial data and presentation of management reports
  • Increasing transparency and security in financial affairs

This workshop, utilizing an interactive educational approach and practical content, assists clients in improving the necessary skills for managing their clinic operations. By using management techniques for a beauty establishment, they can enhance their businesses further. Additionally, the cash audit provides them with tools and solutions to improve their financial affairs and have more efficient financial management.

It’s worth noting that our team at Pickup Capital ensures that clients receive the best training standards and up-to-date skills, ensuring they acquire the best practices and information for successful business management.

Step Six: Recruitment Consultation, Hiring Selection, and Staff Training
(Physicians, Operators, Receptionists, etc.)

Personnel who are continuously updated through ongoing training provide a better experience for customers. They have the ability to provide professional advice, precise information about methods and techniques, and problem-solving skills. This leads to customers feeling more satisfied with the services received and achieving desirable outcomes.

On the other hand, training staff and operators can differentiate you from competitors. When choosing a beauty clinic, customers look for staff who can provide quality and professional services. By training your staff and enhancing their skills, you can be recognized as a quality and distinguished clinic and attract customers to your side.

Pickup Sarmaieh accompanies you in improving the service process by verifying the competence of all personnel and monitoring their performance.

Free training for all lines of your beauty clinic and staff is provided from A to Z by Pickup. The competence of all personnel is confirmed by Pickup Sarmaieh’s executive specialists, and their professionalism is monitored in this step.

Step Seven: Consultation on Pricing Policies for Services

The specialized consultants at Pickup Capital will implement the best pricing policies in each area based on the region’s structure, population density, and an assessment of residents’ financial capabilities regarding payment for specialized beauty services, as well as an evaluation of environmental factors.

Step eight: Consultation on advertising, branding, and its implementation

These are the services offered by WebZone Pickup for enhancing the vibrant presence of your beauty clinic on social media networks and websites:

General Services:

  • Logo design
  • Office set
  • Logo motion

Instagram Services:

  • Creating and launching Instagram page
  • Designing attractive graphic templates for Instagram page
  • Creating useful highlights
  • Analyzing page trends

Website Services:

  • Initial website design
  • Hosting and domain purchase
  • Graphic template design for the website
  • TSL/SSL certificate registration for website security
  • Transferring the website to Content Delivery Network (CDN)

An example of beauty clinics established by Pickup Capital.

Frequently Asked Questions about Establishing and Operating a Beauty Clinic

Are the conditions for establishing a beauty clinic the same in all cities?

No, the conditions for establishing a beauty clinic may vary depending on the city you are interested in. Therefore, our recommendation to you is to promptly utilize the free consultation for establishing a beauty clinic provided by Pickup Sarmaieh by filling out the relevant form on the contact us page.

How long does it take to set up a beauty clinic?
Depending on your circumstances and the services offered at the clinic, it may take approximately 1 to 3 months to set up a beauty clinic.
The approximate initial capital required to establish a beauty clinic is around how much?

This depends on the services you intend to offer in your clinic and the location where you plan to establish the beauty clinic. For accurate information on the capital required based on your city of residence, please visit our "Contact Us" page and fill out the relevant form. Await the call from our consultants for precise details.

How is the consultation for establishing a beauty clinic conducted by you?

Consultation for establishing a beauty clinic by Pickup Capital involves providing you with guidance from the beginning to open your own beauty clinic with the least risk and in the most optimal manner possible. After that, we advise you on how to advertise effectively to start generating income soon. Once your clinic becomes profitable, Pickup Capital will receive 10% of your net profit for up to 15 months. We recommend taking advantage of our free consultation for further information, so our experts can guide you in the best possible way.

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