Establishing an Aesthetic Clinic

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The beauty industry has experienced significant growth in recent years due to increased societal awareness and attention to health and beauty. The rising average lifespan, the influence of social media, and shifting priorities have made beauty clinics more popular than ever. Therefore, establishing a beauty clinic has become one of the suitable investment methods, especially in Iran.

Starting a beauty clinic does not require specialized expertise, and people from all walks of life can establish one. Additionally, the necessary investment for opening a beauty clinic is not exorbitant, and considering the potential profit, it is considered a secure investment method. If you are also looking to establish your own beauty clinic, we recommend staying with us until the end.

The Cost of Establishing a Beauty Clinic

When it comes to establishing a beauty clinic, probably the first and most important question that comes to mind is the cost required to set up the clinic. The cost of establishing a beauty clinic is not a fixed number and depends on various factors such as the location of the clinic, the number of active lines, the quantity and brand of purchased equipment, and more. However, on average, to establish a beauty clinic in the year 1403 (2024), approximately one to one and a half billion tomans of investment is needed.

License for Establishing a Beauty Clinic

One of the main steps in establishing a beauty clinic is obtaining a license from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. Only general practitioners or dermatologists can obtain this license, and they can apply by visiting the website However, investors can also obtain the license by contracting with a doctor and providing the necessary documents to receive the establishment license.

Establishing a beauty clinic is not limited to obtaining a license using the doctor’s medical license. Additionally, the building where the clinic is to be established must also receive approval and be inspected by experts from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. If you are looking to obtain your beauty clinic license, we recommend reading the article on the conditions for obtaining a beauty clinic license.

The stages of establishing a beauty clinic

Step One: Consultation for design and completion of the business plan, and presenting the business model.

One of the first steps in establishing a beauty clinic is designing and completing a business plan. A business plan acts like a roadmap, guiding you toward achieving your goals. In this journey, experienced and expert consultants from Pickup Company help you make the best decisions in the shortest possible time by reviewing your priorities and goals, as well as analyzing competitors’ performance, ensuring you are on the right path.

For more information about the various sections of a business plan, you can refer to the article on designing a business plan for a beauty clinic.

Step Two: Consultation for selecting a suitable location to establish the clinic and examining and confirming the appropriate property

The location of a beauty clinic has a significant impact on its income and can even influence the clinic’s marketing and advertising strategies. Therefore, choosing the right location for this investment can make the process of attracting customers and increasing revenue much easier.

Several factors affect the choice of a suitable location for a beauty clinic. Experts from pickup company evaluate elements such as easy access to the clinic, the competitive market, the potential for growth in the area, proximity to target customers, and more. By considering these priorities and the desired investment, the best location for the beauty clinic is selected.

For more information about the characteristics of an ideal location for a beauty clinic, you can refer to the article on choosing the right location for a beauty clinic.

Step Three: Consultation for designing suitable decoration and equipment

One factor that directly affects the revenue of a beauty clinic is its decoration. The decoration is the first thing visitors notice when they enter the clinic, making it highly important.

The decoration of a beauty clinic should be designed to be visually appealing while also making proper use of the clinic’s space. This ensures that visitors feel comfortable and relaxed during their time at the clinic.

The details regarding the decoration of a beauty clinic are extensive and worth considering. For more information on this topic, you can refer to the article on designing a beauty clinic.

Step Four: Consultation on Procurement and Equipment Supply, Quality Assurance, and Performance


One of the crucial steps in establishing a beauty clinic is purchasing the necessary equipment and devices. Given the increasing number of medical equipment suppliers, selecting the appropriate devices for a beauty clinic can sometimes be challenging. Moreover, since the equipment used in beauty clinics directly impacts the health of the clients, it is essential to exercise due diligence in this matter.

Pickup company, one of the largest importers and manufacturers of medical equipment, can assist you effectively in this regard. Here are the key advantages of medical equipment from pickup company:

  1. Quality Assurance (Warranty)
  2. Guarantee and After-Sales Service
  3. Cost-Effectiveness
  4. Flexible Payment Options (Cash and Installments)

For detailed information on the necessary equipment for a beauty clinic, you can refer to the article on aesthetic clinic equipment.

Step Five: Holding Management Workshops and Cash Audit for Oversight of Clinic Operations

At Pickup Company, we offer a specialized workshop focusing on executive management of clinics and cashier audit skills. This workshop aims to enhance the managerial knowledge and capabilities of our clients in the beauty business sector and improve the operational quality of their clinics.

In this workshop, the following topics will be covered in detail:

Executive Clinic Management:

  • Time Planning and Management: Effective time management strategies for clinic operations.
  • Personnel and Team Management: Techniques for managing staff and team dynamics.
  • Effective Processes and Procedures: Developing efficient processes for service delivery.
  • Customer Communication and Relationship Management: Building strong relationships with clients.
  • Management Strategies for Daily Challenges: Handling everyday challenges and problems effectively.

Beauty Clinic Management Techniques:

  • Marketing and Advertising Strategies: Attracting new customers through effective marketing.
  • Inventory and Supply Management: Efficiently managing inventory and supplies.
  • Enhancing Customer Experience: Providing high-quality and diverse services to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Financial Management and Budgeting: Optimizing financial management and budgeting.
  • Growth and Development Strategies: Creating strategies for sustainable growth and development.

Cashier Audit Skills:

  • Principles and Basics of Cashier Auditing: Understanding the fundamentals of cashier auditing and successful practices.
  • Income and Expense Management: Accurately managing income and expenses.
  • Financial Data Analysis and Reporting: Analyzing financial data and providing managerial reports.
  • Increasing Transparency and Security: Enhancing financial transparency and security.

This workshop utilizes an interactive educational approach and practical content to help clients improve their executive management skills for their clinics. By applying beauty clinic management techniques, they can boost their business. Additionally, the cashier audit section provides them with tools and strategies to enhance their financial management and achieve more efficient financial operations.

For more information on the duties of a beauty clinic manager, you can refer to the article on beauty clinic management.

Step Six: Recruitment Consultation, Hiring Selection, and Staff Training
(Physicians, Operators, Receptionists, etc.)

The staff of a beauty clinic play a crucial role in the number of clients and, consequently, the clinic’s revenue. Besides being professional and skilled, the clinic’s personnel must also exhibit proper behavior and provide excellent service to clients.

Moreover, training the staff and operators can set you apart from competitors. When choosing a beauty clinic, clients seek personnel capable of delivering high-quality and professional services. By training your staff and enhancing their skills, you can be recognized as a high-quality, distinguished clinic and attract more clients.

Pickup company supports you by certifying all personnel and monitoring their performance to ensure the best service processes.

We offer comprehensive free training for all lines of your beauty clinic and its staff. This includes full qualification certification by Pickup’s executive specialists and supervision of their professional performance.

If you plan to establish your beauty clinic, we recommend reading the article on managing beauty clinic staff to better oversee the personnel-related aspects of your clinic.

Step Seven: Consultation on Pricing Policies for Services

Unfortunately, there is no fixed rate for beauty services, which often causes confusion for clinic owners. These individuals may be unaware of how to price their services, leading them to either overcharge, which can decrease the number of clients, or undercharge, resulting in insufficient profits and potential financial loss over time.

Specialist consultants from Pickup company address this issue by analyzing the area’s demographics, the financial capacity of the local population to afford beauty services, and various environmental factors. They implement the best pricing strategies tailored to each specific area, ensuring that clinic owners do not have to worry about pricing their services appropriately.

If you plan to establish your beauty clinic, we recommend consulting with our expert advisors to develop effective pricing strategies that align with your clinic’s goals and market conditions.

Step eight: Consultation on advertising, branding, and its implementation

Every business needs marketing and advertising to succeed, and beauty clinics are no exception. Advertising provides the opportunity to showcase services and present various samples of work to attract clients.

With advancements in technology, numerous advertising methods have emerged that can be utilized to attract clients to beauty clinics. However, selecting the best advertising methods for a beauty clinic requires sufficient knowledge and experience.

Pickup company, with its experienced and capable marketing team, can offer consultation on advertising for your beauty clinic. Additionally, the pickup company team can assist in designing logos, business cards, flyers, websites, and more if needed.

If you plan to establish your beauty clinic, we recommend seeking professional marketing advice to effectively promote your services and stand out in the competitive market.

An example of beauty clinics established by Pickup Capital.

Frequently Asked Questions about Establishing and Operating a Beauty Clinic

Are the conditions for establishing a beauty clinic the same in all cities?

No, the conditions for establishing a beauty clinic may vary depending on the city you are interested in. Therefore, our recommendation to you is to promptly utilize the free consultation for establishing a beauty clinic provided by Pickup Sarmaieh by filling out the relevant form on the contact us page.

How long does it take to set up a beauty clinic?

Depending on your circumstances and the services offered at the clinic, it may take approximately 1 to 3 months to set up a beauty clinic.

The approximate initial capital required to establish a beauty clinic is around how much?

This depends on the services you intend to offer in your clinic and the location where you plan to establish the beauty clinic. For accurate information on the capital required based on your city of residence, please visit our "Contact Us" page and fill out the relevant form. Await the call from our consultants for precise details.

How is the consultation for establishing a beauty clinic conducted by you?

Consultation for establishing a beauty clinic by Pickup Capital involves providing you with guidance from the beginning to open your own beauty clinic with the least risk and in the most optimal manner possible. After that, we advise you on how to advertise effectively to start generating income soon. Once your clinic becomes profitable, Pickup Capital will receive 10% of your net profit for up to 15 months. We recommend taking advantage of our free consultation for further information, so our experts can guide you in the best possible way.

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