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As you know, establishing an aesthetic clinic involves various steps, one of the most important of which is purchasing equipment. aesthetic clinics today operate in various lines, and thus, depending on these lines, may need different types of equipment and supplies. In this article, we aim to review all the equipment you will need to set up your own aesthetic clinic, so stay with us until the end of the article.

List of Aesthetic Clinic Equipment

The equipment used in an aesthetic clinic is a crucial factor in attracting customers. The higher the quality of the equipment used in the aesthetic clinic, and the more recognized they are in the aesthetic world, the more people’s trust in the clinic increases, consequently increasing the number of customers.

Below, we will examine the most important devices needed for an aesthetic clinic, differentiated by various lines.

1.Hair Removal Laser Line

Candela Laser Device

One of the most effective and famous devices currently for hair removal is the Candela device. This device comes in various types, and the main difference among these devices is the wavelength they produce. This device is among the non-contact devices and is therefore approved by many people.

Candela Laser Device

Radoplus Laser Device

Another important device for hair removal is the Radoplus device. This device has three wavelengths: Alexandrite, Diode, and Nd:YAG. The Radoplus laser device, being one of the best contact devices, features two separate cooling systems that reduce pain for the client.

Titanium Laser Device

This device is one of the most famous contact laser devices for hair removal. This device, which has three wavelengths: Alexandrite, Diode, and Nd:YAG, can support two handpieces separately; meaning one device can be used for laser treatment on two individuals simultaneously.

Special Glasses for Laser

Special Glasses for Laser

The wavelengths emitted from the laser device can be dangerous for the eyes. Therefore, it is necessary for all aesthetic clinics offering laser services to purchase special glasses for patients (and doctors). These glasses are available for different wavelengths and in various sizes and must be purchased according to the circumstances.

Special Gel

Special Gel

Sometimes, depending on the type of device, cooling gels may be used for hair removal. These gels reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling, making the pain from the laser bearable.

Special Pencil

Special Pencil

A special white pencil is used to segment different parts of the hair during laser treatment. This pencil is resistant to the heat generated from the laser and does not erase with increased temperature. The soft texture of this pencil makes drawing lines on the body easy.

2.Skin Rejuvenation Line


– HIFU Laser Device

One of the most important skin rejuvenation devices is the HIFU laser device. This device uses ultrasound waves to affect the deep layers of the skin and stimulates collagen production. The increase in collagen results in a facelift and reduces fat to improve the shape of the face.


– Q-Switch Laser Device

A device that must be available in aesthetic clinics is the Q-Switch laser. This device has numerous uses, including tattoo removal, eliminating moles and skin spots, reducing the number of varicose veins, and more. Various types of this device are available in the market for purchase.


– Fractional CO2 Laser Device

The fractional CO2 laser device is another significant device in skin rejuvenation. This device rejuvenates the skin through exfoliation and increasing collagen production. The energy emitted from this device is low, thus minimizing side effects.


– Skin Hydration Device

One of the simple yet practical devices in aesthetic clinics is the skin hydration device. Available in various sizes and shapes on the market, this device significantly helps to refresh and rejuvenate the skin. It rejuvenates the skin by exfoliating and cleansing.


– Microneedling Device

Microneedling is an old method for skin rejuvenation. In this method, various microneedling devices are used to create tiny holes in the face. These holes stimulate collagen production in the skin and thus rejuvenate the skin. Various types of microneedling devices can be purchased from the market.


– Microdermabrasion Device

Nowadays, many people are looking to make their skin more radiant, and using a microdermabrasion device is probably the best option for these individuals. The microdermabrasion device removes dead skin layers and, by increasing collagen production and blood circulation, rejuvenates and clarifies the skin. This device is also used to close skin pores, remove acne scars and spots, eliminate freckles, and more.


– Endolift Device

Endolift is a non-invasive, non-surgical method in which the facial skin is lifted. This device affects the deep layers of the skin and, due to its fat-burning properties, reduces wrinkles and rejuvenates the face.


– Mesotherapy Device

Skin mesotherapy is one of the skin rejuvenation methods where various substances such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals, etc., depending on the skin type and the diagnosis of a specialist doctor, are injected into your skin. These substances, by increasing blood supply to the skin, may be injected using different mesotherapy devices, many of which are sold in the market.


– Fractional RF Device

Using a fractional RF device is one of the modern and effective methods for skin rejuvenation. This device creates tiny holes in the face and then emits radio waves, increasing the temperature in the underlying layers of the skin. The rise in temperature stimulates collagen production, ultimately reducing facial wrinkles.


– Microdermabrasion Device

Using a microdermabrasion device is an effective method for skin rejuvenation. This device rejuvenates the skin through its exfoliating properties. It also improves blood circulation under the skin and increases collagen production, helping to eliminate facial wrinkles and enhancing the skin’s freshness and beauty.


3.Hair and Eyebrow Transplant Line

– Special Hair Transplant Punch

پانچ مخصوص کاشت مو

For hair transplantation, it is necessary to separate the hair follicles from the desired area and then graft them to a new area. A special punch is required to separate the hair follicles. These punches are available for purchase as both disposable and reusable.

– Various Forceps for Hair Transplant



Different sizes of forceps are required for hair transplantation. These forceps must be made of steel so that they can be easily sterilized. The presence of at least one complete set of specialized forceps for hair and eyebrow transplantation is necessary for clinics offering these services.

– Hair Harvesting Device (Micro Motor)

میکرو موتور


One of the essential equipment for hair transplantation is the micro motor, which plays a role in separating the hair follicles. The speed of this device is adjustable, allowing the doctor to perform hair extraction according to individual conditions.

– Scalpel Handle

دسته بیسوری 1


Another necessary item for hair transplantation is the scalpel handle. This tool is used to make cuts in the skin and is available in various types. Depending on the type of cut and surgery, different scalpel handles may be required. Scalpel handles are available as disposable or permanent.

– Special Microscope for Hair Transplant (Stereo Microscope)

میکروسکوپ کاشت مو

Depending on the method of hair transplantation, a stereo microscope may be needed. After the hair strip is separated from the desired area, it is necessary to separate the hair follicles. For this purpose, the hair strip must be placed under a stereo microscope to separate the follicles without heat.

– Hair Transplant Loop

لوپ کاشت مو

For hair transplantation, small follicles are used, and thus, doctors sometimes use a device known as a hair transplant loop. This device is placed on the head, is lightweight, and has a strap adjustable to the size of the head.

– Autoclave

دستگاه اتوکلاو

One of the main pieces of equipment in a aesthetic clinic is the autoclave. This device uses high pressure and temperature to sterilize the clinic’s tools and equipment. This device is available for sale in different classes depending on the temperature and its application.


4.Fitness Line

– Cavitation Laser Device

One of the non-surgical weight loss methods is the use of a cavitation laser device, which has become popular among doctors and the community. This device uses ultrasonic waves to destroy fat cells, which are then expelled from the body, reducing the person’s weight.

– Body Sculpt Device

One of the non-invasive methods for weight loss is the use of a body sculpt device. This device uses magnetic waves and causes muscle contractions, leading to fat burning and, consequently, weight loss. This device is like a garment that the person wears and only feels slightly warm.

– Cryolipolysis Laser Device

The cryolipolysis laser device is another significant device in the fitness area, which reduces weight by freezing fat cells. Subsequently, these fats are naturally expelled from the body.

– Faradic Laser Device

The Faradic laser device sends electrical waves to the body through various pads, causing muscle contraction. This device also destroys body fats, thus playing a role in weight reduction.

5.General Equipment and Supplies Needed for an Aesthetic Clinic

Beauty Examination Bed

تخت معاینه

Chairs and stools


Special surgical forehead lamp


Examination lamp

چراغ یونیت


ترالی 1

Latex gloves

دستگاه لاتکس

Sterile gauze

گاز استریل 1




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Surgical gown

man wearing medical gown



گالی پات

Suture thread

نخ بخیه

Wash serum

سرم شست و شو



Price of Aesthetic Clinic Equipment

The high number of medical equipment sellers and various medical equipment manufacturers have caused the price of medical equipment to cover a wide range. This issue has led many people to confusion when choosing the necessary equipment for their clinic. The prices of the most important and essential supplies for each line of the aesthetic clinic will be reviewed separately.


Prices of Necessary Equipment for Laser Hair Removal:

Necessary Equipment for Laser Hair Removal

Average Prices in Winter 1402

Candela Laser Device1.3 to 1.5 billion Iranian tomans
Radoplus Laser Device400 to 550 million Iranian tomans
Titanium Laser Device300 to 400 million Iranian tomans
Special Glasses for Patients15,000 to 30,000 Iranian tomans
Special Gel80,000 to 200,000 Iranian tomans per package
Special Pencil10,000 to 15,000 Iranian tomans

Prices of equipment necessary for skin rejuvenation:

Equipment necessary for skin rejuvenationAverage prices in Winter 1402
HIFU Laser Device100 to 350 million Iranian tomans
Q-Switch Laser Device200 to 700 million Iranian tomans
Fractional CO2 Laser Device700 to 800 million Iranian tomans
Skin Hydration Device8 to 10 million Iranian tomans
Microneedling Device1.5 to 3 million Iranian tomans
Microdermabrasion Device18 to 23 million Iranian tomans
Endolift Device280 to 400 million Iranian tomans
Mesotherapy Device 12 to 20 million Iranian tomans
Microdermabrasion Abrasion Device3 to 6 million Iranian tomans

Prices of equipment necessary for hair and eyebrow transplantation:

Necessary Equipment for Hair and Eyebrow TransplantationAverage Prices in Winter 1402
Special Hair Transplant Punch1.2 to 2 million Iranian tomans
Various Forceps for Hair Transplant150,000 to 300,000 Iranian tomans
Hair Harvesting Device 8 to 10 million Iranian tomans
Scalpel Handle80,000 to 200,000 Iranian tomans
Special Microscope for Hair Transplant 8 to 12 million Iranian tomans
Hair Transplant Loop100,000 to 350,000 Iranian tomans
Autoclave15 to 20 million Iranian tomans

Prices of equipment necessary for fitness:

Necessary Equipment for FitnessAverage Prices in Winter 1402
Cavitation Laser Device110 to 130 million Iranian tomans
Body Sculpt Device45 to 70 million Iranian tomans
Cryolipolysis Laser Device350 to 400 million Iranian tomans
Fractional RF Device70 to 200 million Iranian tomans
Faradic Laser Device15 to 25 million Iranian tomans

Prices of general equipment for aesthetic clinics:

General Equipment for Aesthetic ClinicsAverage Prices in Winter 1402
Beauty Examination Bed4 to 6 million Iranian tomans
Chair and Stool2.5 to 4 million Iranian tomans
Special Surgical Forehead Lamp200,000 to 600,000 Iranian tomans
Examination Lamp 3.5 to 5 million Iranian tomans
Trolley3 to 6 million Iranian tomans
Latex Gloves100,000 to 200,000 Iranian tomans (per pack)
Sterile Gauze100,000 to 180,000 Iranian tomans (per pack)
Plate50,000 to 80,000 Iranian tomans (each)
Syringe2,000 to 6,000 Iranian tomans
Disposable Surgical Gown10,000 to 20,000 Iranian tomans
Gallipot100,000 to 300,000 Iranian tomans
Suture Thread15,000 to 30,000 Iranian tomans (per pack)
Wash Serum
Absorbent100,000 to 150,000 Iranian tomans (per pack)


What should you consider when buying equipment for an aesthetic clinic?

As explored, many companies are now selling medical equipment, and with so many brands available in the market, it has become difficult for buyers to make a choice. To select the best equipment for your clinic’s needs, consider the following points.

Quality of the Product

When purchasing equipment for an aesthetic clinic, the first thing to consider is the quality of the product. The quality of the purchased equipment directly affects the quality of services that the clinic provides. Since medical equipment plays a direct role in patient health, it is best to purchase the best available products to prevent any unfortunate incidents.

  • Price of the Product

Price is another consideration for buyers. Generally, the price should be fair in relation to the services the product provides. To buy the best product at the lowest price, be sure to check various websites and visit different medical equipment sales centers.

  • Clinic Space

One important consideration when buying medical equipment is the space in the clinic. Always keep your clinic’s space in mind when purchasing equipment and have a predetermined space for each device. Devices used in aesthetic clinics often take up a lot of space, and if this is not considered beforehand, it may cause problems.

  • After-sales Service

Buying medical equipment usually involves a significant cost, so it is better to choose a company that provides good after-sales service. For example, the company should offer detailed plans for device installation, training on how to use the device, and repairs, etc.

Care and Maintenance of Aesthetic Clinic Equipment

To ensure the long life of the purchased equipment for your aesthetic clinic, it must be properly maintained and cared for. Below are the most important points to consider for maintaining clinic equipment.

  • Follow Instructions: Every purchased device comes with a manual that should be carefully reviewed. Never change device settings before reading the manual to avoid any problems.
  • Regular Checks: It is best to have devices checked every few months by a skilled technician to repair any issues before any serious problems occur.
  • Cleaning Equipment: Clinic equipment should be regularly cleaned. It is best to separately read the manual for each device to ensure cleaning does not damage the device.


Purchasing equipment for an aesthetic clinic is always a challenging task. Today, many companies sell medical equipment, and finding a company that offers the best equipment at the lowest prices will not be easy.

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