Price of aesthetic clinic Devices

قیمت دستگاه‌های کلینیک زیبایی

In today’s world, filled with competition and numerous opportunities, having a successful and profitable aesthetic clinic is extremely important. If you’re also looking to expand your business in the aesthetic clinic industry, you’re undoubtedly in search of professional equipment for your clients. This article will delve into the examination of the prices of aesthetic clinic devices and provide tips to assist you in selecting the best equipment for your aesthetic clinic.

Factors Affecting the Price of Beauty Devices

The prices of aesthetic clinic devices vary due to different factors, which is why having a thorough analysis of your needs and available budget before making a purchase is essential. Additionally, it’s important to buy from reputable and experienced suppliers to ensure quality and satisfactory services. Below are some of the factors influencing the prices of beauty devices:

Device Type: The specific type of device is the most influential factor in determining price. Advanced and multi-functional devices usually come at a higher cost. For example, laser devices utilizing more advanced laser technology tend to have higher prices.

Brand and Manufacturer: Devices produced by well-known and reputable companies are typically more expensive. Brand trust and device quality also play a significant role in determining the price.

Capabilities and Features: Devices with more capabilities and features may have higher prices. For instance, laser devices with adjustable energy and pulse size are more suitable for treatment and thus generally have higher prices compared to other devices.

Size and Dimensions: The size of the device can also impact its price. Larger and heavier devices usually have higher prices.

Peripheral Equipment: aesthetic clinic devices typically require peripheral equipment such as consumables, lenses, etc. The cost of peripheral equipment adds to the price of the device.

Warranty and After-Sales Services: Warranties and after-sales services can significantly impact the price of a device. Devices with longer warranties and stronger after-sales services are usually more expensive than others in the market.

Demand: In markets with high demand, device prices may increase. Demand for beauty services and related equipment can have a significant impact on prices.

Place of Purchase: The location of purchase can also have an impact on the price of the device. Prices may vary in different regions.

How to Choose Beauty Clinic Devices

Price of aesthetic clinic Devices

Choosing beauty clinic devices is a significant responsibility and requires careful attention and thorough research. Below, we’ll examine the points to consider when purchasing beauty clinic devices:

1. Determining Needs and Objectives: First, you need to specify the needs of your aesthetic clinic. Do you need a device for hair removal? Or you may need a device for treating wrinkles and rejuvenating the skin? Identifying needs is the first step.

2. Researching Devices: To choose the best devices for your aesthetic clinic, conduct thorough research first. Compare different devices and examine their features, prices, and customer reviews. Familiarize yourself with different devices and new technologies. Determine which devices are more suitable for your needs.

3. Licenses and Standards: Check if the devices have the necessary licenses from relevant authorities and comply with health and safety standards.

4. Consulting with Experienced Professionals: Consulting with experienced specialists in the field of aesthetic clinic devices can greatly assist you. They can guide you on which devices are more suitable for your needs. In this regard, Pickup Sarmayeh experts can provide you with free consultation.

5. Consulting with Physicians: Consult with physicians and dermatologists. They can help you choose suitable devices for your patients and clients.

6. Examining Brands and Manufacturers: Investigate reputable brands and manufacturers of devices. Devices produced by experienced companies may have better quality.

7. Price: Evaluate the prices of different devices and choose the best option based on the budget allocated for equipment purchases.

8. After-Sales Services: Ensure that the device supplier provides effective and reliable after-sales services. This includes repairs, training, and providing spare parts.

9. Others’ Opinions and Experiences: Read reviews and experiences of other clinics and physicians who have used the device. This can help them make more informed decisions when purchasing devices.

Types of Beauty Clinic Devices

Price of aesthetic clinic Devices

Laser devices are among the most popular equipment in beauty clinics. These devices are used for skin treatments, hair removal, and even treatment of various skin blemishes. The prices of these devices are usually highly variable and depend on the type and quality of the device. Below, the prices of the most important laser devices used in beauty clinics are examined. Please note that these prices have been updated in the autumn of the year 2023.

Contact Laser Device: Contact laser devices, as the name suggests, directly contact the skin and may use special gels during operation. These devices come in various types and models offered to customers by different companies. Depending on the desired model and manufacturer, the price range for these devices varies. For example, the Radoplus laser device is available in the market with a price range of 300 to 500 million Iranian Rials.

Non-Contact Laser Device: In non-contact laser devices, the device does not come into direct contact with the person’s body, and shots are fired at a distance from the skin. These devices are also equipped with a cooling system to reduce pain during laser treatment. These devices, available in various models, are sold at prices ranging from about 1 billion to 1.3 billion Iranian Rials.

CO2 Laser Device: This device, which is mostly used for treating skin problems, wrinkles, scar removal, etc., is available in various types. The price range for this device is approximately 300 to 400 million Iranian Rials.

Rejuvenating Laser Devices: These lasers, used for reducing wrinkles, removing skin blemishes, etc., are available in various types. For example, the HIFU laser device is priced at around 100 to 260 million Iranian Rials.

Tattoo Removal Laser Devices: One of the essential devices in aesthetic clinics is the tattoo removal laser device. This device comes in different models; for example, the Q-switch device is sold at a price ranging from 200 to 600 million Iranian Rials.

Slimming Laser Devices: Slimming laser devices, using ultrasonic waves, reduce the size of fat cells and play a role in treating obesity. The price range for slimming laser devices varies significantly. For example, the RF cavitation device is priced at around 100 to 400 million Iranian Rials.


Ultimately, the price of aesthetic clinic devices is influenced by various factors. Choosing the best devices for a aesthetic clinic requires research, consultation with specialized experts, and attention to after-sales services. With these actions, you can select devices that will boost your business and achieve greater success. In this regard, you can seek assistance from Pickup Sarmayeh. Pickup Sarmayeh can introduce you to the best available devices that meet your needs, considering your capital and budget. For more information and a free consultation, you can contact them at 091099190-021.

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