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Frequently Asked Questions About Pikap Sarmayeh

In this section, we try to explain the most common questions about Pikap's activities.

What is Pikap Sarmayeh's work?

Consultation for launching a beauty clinic (office) with minimal capital in a short time with guaranteed return of investment.

Does the capital need to be in the possession of Pikap company?

No, no amount is paid to the company; we only provide consultation on where and in which areas to invest.

What range is available for launching a aesthetic clinic (office)?

Based on your capital and budget, suitable locations will be recommended to you by our consultants.

What is the capital for?

Security deposit, purchasing equipment and decoration, buying devices, and advertising expenses.

How long does it take from the contract signing to the opening of the beauty clinic?

Up to 2 months

What does Pikap Sarmayeh's capital workshop include?

 An 8-hour workshop on management, accounting, cashier, and training for receptionists, operators, and doctors

What legal permits are required to establish a aesthetic clinic?

The only legal permit required to establish a aesthetic clinic
currently is a medical license.

Are the laser devices purchased from you guaranteed?

Yes, all our devices come with a 12-month warranty and 10 years of after-sales service, along with a few months of warranty.

Does the investor need to have specific qualifications to establish a aesthetic clinic?

No, with any level of education and the necessary capital, you can start a aesthetic clinic
and receive the required training from our consultants.

Is it more cost-effective to buy or rent equipment?

 Buying equipment on cash or installments without interest, accompanied by discounts, is the most cost-effective and profitable option.

How is the fee for consulting services paid to the consultant?

 After launching and inaugurating the clinic, you will reach a 10% profit after 3 to 4 months. Pikap Sarmayeh will receive only 10% of the total monthly income from the company and the return of capital.

Until the end of the 18-month contract and whenever the customer no longer needs the consultant's assistance.

By paying 60 million tomans, the company can manage its project independently.

If I start with the minimum capital, is that enough or do I need more?

 We strive to get you into the profitable phase quickly, which is also in the company's interest because our profit is based on your profit. However, it's better to have some savings for better stability.

Do I have to purchase other items from the place you recommend, besides the device?

We provide consultation for other items like decoration so that you can make the best purchase with the lowest cost. However, it doesn't necessarily mean you have to buy from our recommendations. You can get specialized advice to purchase the best equipment and devices.

How is Pikap compensated for the services it provides?

Pikap Sarmayeh receives 10% of the income as consultation fee from the third month until the end of the 18-month contract period.

What if we establish a clinic and don't reach profitability?

Pikap Sarmayeh guarantees profitability and income generation by ensuring that from the sixth month onwards, you will have a monthly profit of 10% relative to the initial capital. The complete return of the capital is expected within 15 months.

Can people with no experience and expertise establish a clinic?

Yes, you can establish a aesthetic clinic without the need for expertise and experience in this field because Pikap Sarmayeh holds management, operator, and auditing classes for you and trains you from scratch.

What lines can we launch in the aesthetic clinic?

 Basic and high-revenue lines of aesthetic clinics include hair removal lasers, facials, fillers, botox, rejuvenation, and weight loss. Pikap Sarmayeh enables you to launch all these lines.

What type of property is suitable for establishing a aesthetic clinic?

 A commercial property or an office location with a minimum area of 70 square meters. The property must be thoroughly reviewed in terms of location, area, position, competitive environment, regional prestige, and pricing.

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