Steps to Establish an Aesthetic clinic

Pickup Sarmayeh establishes your beauty clinic in eight steps.

first step

Consultation on designing a business plan and business ecosystem

Step Two

Consultation for selecting a suitable location and confirming clients' property

Step Three

Consultation on design, implementation of decoration, and equipment

Step Four

Consultation on devices and confirming quality and responsiveness

Step Five

Holding a management and auditing training workshop

Step Six

Consultation on staff recruitment, training, and contract signing

Step Seven

Consultation on pricing based on the customers' establishment area

Step Eight

Consultation on advertising and implementation by a specialized team

Features of collaborating with Pickup Sarmayeh

This collaboration will be based on mutual benefits, so your profit is our profit, and this deal is a win-win situation

No capital received

Pickup Sarmayeh Company does not receive any capital or amount from you, and all costs are paid by you personally

Physical presence of the consultant

Our consultants will be physically present at your clinic and will accompany you throughout this journey from investment to revenue

Guarantee of capital return

Pickup Sarmayeh Company guarantees that within 15 months, the entire amount spent will be returned to you, and in case the capital is not returned, the company will refund the entire amount invested to you

Everything you need to know

The latest information you need to know about starting a beauty clinic.

Our colleagues

Pickup Sarmayeh is an investment company that operates in the field of launching and equipping aesthetic clinic in Iran. This company, in collaboration with major companies including medical equipment manufacturers, insurance companies, and advertising firms, has been able to offer its services to customers in the best possible way.