Introduction to Aesthetic Clinic Management Software

Aesthetic Clinic Management Software

For aesthetic clinics to perform better and provide the best services in a short amount of time, they need to use various software in each department. In today’s modern world, managing tasks without the help of software is almost impossible, and Aesthetic Clinic Management Software are no exception.

If you are looking to establish your own aesthetic clinic and need suitable software, we recommend reading this article until the end.

Why is it Necessary to Use Various Software in an Aesthetic Clinic?

Every aesthetic clinic needs to use different software to enhance the quality and speed of its services. The use of aesthetic clinic software has many benefits, which are discussed below.

Time Savings

The most important advantage of using aesthetic clinic software is time savings. These software programs categorize information, perform calculations, and more, allowing you to manage various tasks in the shortest possible time.

Appointment Booking

Many aesthetic clinic software programs are equipped with an appointment booking system. Booking appointments is usually a difficult and time-consuming task for both clients and clinic staff. Using the appropriate software can largely prevent potential issues with appointment scheduling.

Patient Record Keeping

Another advantage of using various software for aesthetic clinics is the ability to record patient files in detail. This allows you to obtain comprehensive information about a patient with a simple search, eliminating the need for physical filing and archiving. This way, your information is secure, and there is no risk of losing or damaging important documents.

Detailed Reports on Treatment Progress

The large number of patients might cause doctors to forget all details related to each individual. Additionally, patients may not precisely remember their treatment progress and medications. Software can provide comprehensive information about the treatment progress and medications used, allowing you to continue the treatment process in the best possible way.

Online Prescription Writing

The era of using insurance booklets is over, and doctors are expected to use online prescription writing as much as possible. Aesthetic clinic software allows doctors to write prescriptions online. Online prescriptions significantly reduce the likelihood of errors when purchasing medications.

Online Payment

Nowadays, using credit cards or various apps for payments is very common, and few people use cash. Some aesthetic clinic software programs are equipped with online payment systems, making the process much easier for customers.

Employee Salary Calculation

An aesthetic clinic typically employs various individuals with different income levels and working hours. Calculating their salaries monthly can be time-consuming. Some aesthetic clinic software can calculate the monthly income of employees based on their check-in and check-out times.

Clinic Income Calculation

One significant advantage of using aesthetic clinic software is the ability to calculate the clinic’s income. Calculating an aesthetic clinic’s income is a challenging and time-consuming task. Calculating all the clinic’s expenses and revenues can take days. However, Aesthetic clinic software can easily calculate the clinic’s income.

SMS System

Sending SMS messages to clients can play a significant role in their satisfaction. An aesthetic clinic equipped with an SMS system can attract clients by sending messages on special occasions. Additionally, the SMS system can be used to remind patients of their appointment times. For example, a day before their appointment, a message specifying the date and time of the appointment can be sent to them.

Survey System

A crucial factor in the success of an aesthetic clinic is the use of a survey system. By using a survey system, you can view your clinic from others’ perspectives. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the clinic and working towards improvement, the clinic’s success can be ensured. Many aesthetic clinic software programs are equipped with survey systems that send an SMS or email to the patient after they have used the clinic’s services, asking them to complete a survey form. This method makes it easier to identify the clinic’s strengths and weaknesses, and you can address existing issues in a short time.

Survey System

Different Sections of Suitable Aesthetic Clinic Management Software

There are various software options available for aesthetic clinics, each with its own specific features. Each software is designed with different sections based on the creator’s vision, and not all software includes the same sections. Below are the key sections commonly found in Aesthetic Clinic Management Software.

Reception and Appointment Scheduling

One of the sections most Aesthetic Clinic Management Software includes is the reception and appointment scheduling section. This feature saves time for clinic staff and significantly reduces appointment-related conflicts.

Financial Section

The financial section is one of the main components of Aesthetic Clinic Management Software. This part can include various sub-sections such as calculating treatment costs, staff salaries, receiving payments through different methods, and more. This functionality makes financial calculations easier and more accurate compared to manual methods. Additionally, expenses can be recorded and added to the patient’s treatment file.

Inventory Management

Some aesthetic clinics sell necessary items to their patients. These clinics should choose Aesthetic Clinic Management Software that includes a dedicated section for inventory management. This allows staff to purchase new items for the clinic as needed.

Types of Aesthetic Clinic Management Software

With the advancement of technology in recent years, various companies have developed diverse software for different fields. Many international and national software options have been designed specifically for aesthetic clinics. Here are some of the most important software used in aesthetic clinics:

  • Holo Software
  • Didar Software
  • Bastani Teb Software
  • Clinic Yar Software
  • Rayan Teb Software
  • Ebtakar Software


As discussed throughout the article, aesthetic clinics should use specialized software to save time and reduce costs. These software programs have various capabilities, and clinic founders should choose the best software based on their priorities. The cost of purchasing different software varies significantly depending on the services they offer. If you are looking to establish your own aesthetic clinic but lack sufficient information to get started, we recommend Pickup Sarmayeh.

With over 6 years of experience and the establishment and equipping of more than 200 aesthetic clinics, Pickup Sarmayeh is a leading pioneer in this field. For free consultation, visit our Contact Us page and fill out the form to receive a call from our consultants. Also, follow our Instagram page for precise information on discounts and promotions.


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