About Pickup Sarmayeh

Pickup is the first and largest consulting and investment company in establishing beauty complexes, clinics, and beauty and laser hair removal offices in Iran. Pickup Sarmayeh claims to have designed the investor’s business map through eight strategic steps and offers direct consulting in this field until the investor achieves income in this profession. In line with this mission, Pickup employs sales consultants and an implementation team including a senior expert and technical specialists. Using influential economic models along with having a long and successful experience in this field has uniquely made Pickup the most successful consulting company in establishing businesses in the beauty sector.

We are with you from zero to one hundred on the path

The Pickup Sarmayeh group has always aimed to, firstly, generally open new doors in the beauty sector both nationally and internationally, such as showcasing modern and up-to-date equipment, and secondly, specifically handle the launch and establishment of beauty clinics from start to finish.

Pickup's presence at exhibitions international

نمایشگاه ایران هلث- شرکت پیکاپ سرمایه
نمایشگاه ایران هلث- پیکاپ سرمایه
نمایشگاه ایران هلث- شرکت پیکاپ سرمایه1
حضور آقای حیاتی و رفیع در غرفه پیکاپ سرمایه
شبنم قلی خانی پیکاپ سرمایه
پیکاپ سرمایه در نمایشگاه ایران هلث