10 Common Mistakes in Establishing an Aesthetic Clinic

10 Common Mistakes in Establishing an Aesthetic Clinic

The beauty industry in Iran is rapidly growing due to the increasing demand for beauty treatments. However, establishing a successful aesthetic clinic requires careful planning and thorough analysis to avoid common mistakes. This article will examine 10 Common Mistakes in Establishing an Aesthetic Clinic that entrepreneurs should avoid when entering the Aesthetic clinic business. If you are looking to start your own aesthetic clinic, we recommend staying with us until the end of this article.

Neglecting the Business Plan

Many individuals who plan to start their own business may not see the necessity of writing a business plan. However, it is important to understand that a business plan significantly contributes to the success of your business. A business plan acts as a roadmap, outlining the path you need to take to establish and run your aesthetic clinic. By writing a business plan, you gain a clearer understanding of the steps required, enabling you to make more informed and effective decisions.

Overlooking the Costs of Common Mistakes in Establishing an Aesthetic Clinic

Setting up an aesthetic clinic requires substantial capital, which can vary based on several factors such as the number of active lines, the types and numbers of devices, the city where the clinic is located, and more. Many people do not adequately research the costs involved in establishing an aesthetic clinic or consult with non-experts on the matter, resulting in financial difficulties during the setup process.

Given the inflation rates, the necessary costs for establishing an aesthetic clinic are not fixed. If you are planning to set up your aesthetic clinic, it is recommended to read the article on the costs of setting up an aesthetic clinic to gain comprehensive information about the required expenses.

Choosing an Inappropriate Location for the Aesthetic Clinic

Choosing an Inappropriate Location for the Aesthetic Clinic

Many individuals looking to establish their aesthetic clinic overlook the importance of the location. Sometimes, people use their own property to set up the clinic to reduce costs, without considering if the property meets the necessary criteria for an aesthetic clinic. It’s essential to understand that the location directly impacts the number of clients and, consequently, the clinic’s profitability.

If you plan to start your aesthetic clinic but lack knowledge about choosing the right property, it’s advisable to consult with an experienced advisor in the aesthetic clinic industry. They can guide you in selecting an appropriate location.

Investing in Inappropriate Equipment

With the advancement of the beauty industry and the increasing demand for beauty treatments, many companies have started producing and selling medical equipment. This makes choosing the right equipment for an aesthetic clinic more challenging than before. For first-time clinic owners, it might not be clear which types and quantities of devices are necessary. Sometimes, they end up purchasing many devices that may not even be of good quality.

If you are looking to buy equipment for your aesthetic clinic, it is recommended to read the article on aesthetic clinic equipment. This article provides a detailed examination of the essential tools needed for different sections of an aesthetic clinic.

Hiring Inefficient Staff

Hiring Inefficient Staff

One of the biggest mistakes in establishing an aesthetic clinic is hiring inexperienced and inefficient staff. Many people believe that spending a lot on hiring staff is unnecessary and that this budget should be allocated to other areas. However, it’s important to understand that your staff, by providing high-quality services, can enhance your clinic’s reputation. Therefore, if you aim for the success of your aesthetic clinic, you must be stringent in your hiring process.

If your staff lacks sufficient knowledge about beauty treatments, it will not only reduce the number of clients but could also harm clients, potentially leading to the closure of your clinic.

Offering Various Services without Expertise

Some aesthetic clinics, in pursuit of more income, introduce new lines of services in which they lack sufficient experience and knowledge. This approach not only fails to generate more revenue but can also cause significant problems, leading to client complaints, fines, or even the closure of your clinic. To avoid future issues, focus only on providing services in which you are highly skilled and then gradually expand your clinic as you gain more experience.

Using Ineffective Advertising Methods

No matter how well-located your clinic is, how advanced your equipment is, and how experienced your staff are, if you do not use effective advertising methods, your clinic’s chances of success will significantly decrease.

In today’s digital age, neglecting an online presence and digital marketing can impact the success of any business, including aesthetic clinics. Since most people use the internet to research and decide on services, it is crucial for aesthetic clinics to have a strong online presence.

To learn more about effective advertising methods for beauty clinics, you can read articles on aesthetic clinic advertising, which provide detailed discussions on the best offline and online advertising strategies for aesthetic clinics.

Not Having a Website

Not Having a Website

Sometimes, people see designing a website for an aesthetic clinic as unnecessary and do not pay attention to it. However, given the situation of social media filtering in Iran, having a website is one of the safest spaces for an online presence.

On an aesthetic clinic’s website, not only can you showcase various examples of the clinic’s work, but you can also provide online appointment booking. Therefore, it is recommended to design a suitable website for your aesthetic clinic.

Ignoring Competitors

One of the biggest mistakes in establishing an aesthetic clinic is ignoring competitors. As the founder of an aesthetic clinic, you must thoroughly examine and analyze your competitors from all angles. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and plan your beauty clinic’s strategy accordingly. Ignoring competitors may jeopardize the success of your aesthetic clinic.

Taking on All Responsibilities by One Person

Many individuals who start a new business try to handle all tasks themselves to oversee everything. This approach is not recommended because doing everything by one person does not necessarily improve the quality of work and significantly slows down the processes.

For a business to succeed, tasks should be divided appropriately among different people, which not only speeds up operations but also enhances the quality of the work.


In general, establishing an aesthetic clinic, although a suitable and profitable job, requires avoiding certain common mistakes to achieve success. This article examined the most common mistakes in establishing an aesthetic clinic. If you are also planning to establish your own aesthetic clinic and want to ensure your success, we recommend you consider Pickup Sarmayeh.

With 6 years of experience in establishing and equipping aesthetic clinics and over 200 successful projects across Iran, Pickup Sarmayeh is ready to serve you. Pickup Sarmayeh offers a variety of services in business plan design, location selection, decoration, equipment purchase, staff hiring, and more. For more information about Pickup Sarmayeh services, you can follow our Instagram page. You can also use our free consultation services by visiting our contact page and filling out the necessary form, then wait for a call from our consultants.

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