Who is authorized to inject gel and Botox?

Who is authorized to inject gel and Botox

Gel and Botox Injections, Now More Popular Than Ever in Iran, Are One of the Main Lines of Aesthetic Clinics with High Revenue. Many Aesthetic Clinic Founders Are Looking to Add Gel and Botox Injection Services to Their Clinics. But Who Is Authorized to Inject Gel and Botox in an Aesthetic Clinic? If You Are Also Looking for the Answer to This Question, We Recommend You Stay with Us Until the End of This Article.

Who Is Authorized to Inject Gel and Botox in Aesthetic Clinics?

 Gel and Botox in Aesthetic Clinics

Gel and Botox injections can only be performed by doctors who have completed the necessary training courses. Although sometimes non-specialists may perform these injections in some Aesthetic clinics, it is important to know that this practice is unauthorized and illegal.

Gel and Botox injections must be performed by a specialist. Using substandard materials or incorrect injection techniques can lead to numerous complications. Although gel and Botox injections may seem easy at first glance, if the injection is done incorrectly for any reason, it can cause infections, allergies, paralysis in the injection area, blood vessel blockages, and more. Therefore, an experienced specialist is the most suitable person for this task in an Aesthetic clinic. Our recommendation is that if you are aiming for the success of your Aesthetic clinic, never employ a non-specialist for gel and Botox injections.

Can Paramedics Perform Gel and Botox Injections in Aesthetic Clinics?

Although paramedics have undergone various courses during their studies, they are currently not permitted to perform gel and Botox injections in Iran. Therefore, if these individuals perform such injections, it is considered medical malpractice and is illegal, potentially leading to the closure of the Aesthetic clinic. However, it should be noted that these individuals can collaborate with a doctor in an Aesthetic clinic and assist them, but they are not allowed to perform gel and Botox injections independently.

Necessary Courses for Obtaining Authorization for Gel and Botox Injections

Necessary Courses for Obtaining Authorization for Gel and Botox Injections

Individuals who wish to work in the field of gel and Botox injections in Aesthetic clinics must complete the relevant training courses. Many private and non-private centers offer courses on gel and Botox injections, and one can participate in any of these courses. However, it is essential to ensure that the chosen course has received the necessary approvals from the Food and Drug Administration before enrolling.

Gel and Botox injection courses are taught in various institutes, and different teaching methods may be used in each. You should conduct the necessary research to choose the appropriate institute based on your priorities. Below are some institutes that offer gel and Botox injection courses:

  • Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences Jihad Course
  • Iranian Education Academy
  • Pasargad Medical Group
  • Farabi Academy
  • Iran Training Center
  • Tehran Health Complex

After completing the required course for gel and Botox injections, one must obtain the necessary permits from the Food and Drug Administration. Once these permits are obtained, you can officially start performing gel and Botox injections in an Aesthetic clinic.


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