What is the minimum capital required to establish an Aesthetic clinic?

Capital required to establish an Aesthetic clinic

In today’s modern world, the desire to improve appearance is increasing day by day, making investment in Aesthetic clinics one of the most profitable businesses in Iran. However, what is the minimum capital required to establish an Aesthetic clinic? The amount of capital needed is influenced by many factors, which will be generally reviewed below. If you are also looking to establish your own Aesthetic clinic, we recommend that you stay with us until the end.

Renting or Purchasing Property

One of the main costs when establishing an Aesthetic clinic is renting or purchasing property. Depending on the location where you intend to establish your clinic, the size of the property, the clinic building, etc., the cost of rent or purchase can vary significantly.

Choosing the right location for your Aesthetic clinic directly impacts the number of customers and your income. For more information on selecting a suitable location, you can refer to the article on choosing the right location for an Aesthetic clinic.

Interior Design and Decoration

When opening an Aesthetic clinic, having a beautiful and pleasant space that reflects the quality of services provided is very important. Thus, depending on the clinic building, renovations and interior design may be necessary, incurring significant costs.

In addition to renovation costs, you should also budget for furniture and necessary equipment for the Aesthetic clinic. The cost of purchasing furniture and other needed equipment varies greatly depending on the style and quality of the products.

For detailed information on design and decoration, you can refer to the article on Aesthetic clinic design.

Purchasing Equipment

One of the significant costs for opening an Aesthetic clinic is purchasing the necessary equipment. The price of equipment used in Aesthetic clinics varies based on the brand, features, quality, and more. Investing in high-quality equipment is crucial as these devices generally have fewer side effects and ensure better results, leading to customer satisfaction and increased revenue.

It should also be considered that due to the increasing demand for beauty services, different equipment should be purchased according to the needs of the area’s population and the clinic’s plan. A small clinic may need two to three devices, while a larger clinic may require more than ten devices, which can be quite costly for the founder.

Advertising and Marketing

تبلیغات برای تاسیس کلینیک زیبایی

When launching an Aesthetic clinic, advertising and marketing costs to attract new customers and retain old ones are very important. The costs associated with advertising vary widely, depending on the methods you use to promote your Aesthetic clinic.

Aesthetic clinics can use a wide range of marketing strategies to reach their target audience. One of the most effective advertising methods is through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. These platforms allow clinics to showcase their work and attract many customers through advertising campaigns. This method is considered one of the most cost-effective advertising methods. However, in today’s highly competitive world, advertising has become more necessary than ever, and you must spend a reasonable amount monthly on advertising for your Aesthetic clinic’s success.

For the best advertising methods for Aesthetic clinics, you can refer to the article on Aesthetic clinic advertising.

Legal and Licensing Costs

There are specific legal costs that the owner of an Aesthetic clinic must consider before establishing the clinic. For example:

  • Registering the Aesthetic clinic
  • Insurance
  • Obtaining licenses

These costs are essential for establishing an Aesthetic clinic and cannot be ignored. However, depending on the services offered, the number of employees, and other factors, these costs can vary.

Hiring and Training Staff

One of the most important factors influencing the success of an Aesthetic clinic is the staff. Hiring and training costs can vary depending on factors like location, job position, and experience level. Another factor affecting hiring costs is the number of employees working in the Aesthetic clinic.

Trained and experienced staff can enhance the clinic’s value by providing exceptional services to clients, leading to positive reviews and referrals. Staff training can be done through educational courses or webinars. Typically, training programs are not very expensive but can significantly increase your revenue in the long term.

Purchasing and Setting Up Computer Systems and Software

سیستم کامپیوتری برای تاسیس کلینیک زیبایی

Another cost to consider is purchasing and setting up computer systems and software. This cost may include buying computers, laptops, fax machines, printers, and more.

In addition to the costs of purchasing the mentioned devices, a separate budget must be allocated for purchasing necessary software for the Aesthetic clinic. This cost may include buying VPNs, antivirus software, and software updates.

Utility Bills

Utility costs for water, electricity, gas, internet, and more are unavoidable. When setting up an Aesthetic clinic, these may not be at the top of your budget list, but they can become significant over time.

Minimum Cost to Establish an Aesthetic Clinic

As discussed, the cost of establishing an Aesthetic clinic depends on various factors and can vary greatly. Below are the estimated minimum costs for each section on average in 2023. Note that these figures are approximate, and you should consult with experts in this field for exact pricing.

Required Costs for Establishing an Aesthetic ClinicMinimum Cost in 2023
Rent or Purchase of Property200-300 million IRR
Equipment and Decoration300 million IRR
Purchase of Devices300 million IRR
Advertising and Marketing40 million IRR
Legal and Licensing Costs15 million IRR
Hiring and Training Staff40 million IRR
Computer Systems and Software50 million IRR
Utility Bills5 million IRR

According to the table above, you need at least one billion IRR to establish an Aesthetic clinic with minimum services. Of course, you might be able to establish your clinic with a lower amount. For example, if you already have a property for the clinic, the establishment cost significantly reduces.


Although establishing an Aesthetic clinic is considered a lucrative profession, it is advisable to consider the minimum capital required before proceeding. Based on the summarized cost list, it is clear that the cost of opening an Aesthetic clinic varies depending on the clinic’s size and the services offered. If you are looking to establish your Aesthetic clinic, we recommend Pickup Sarmayeh.

With over six years of experience in establishing and equipping Aesthetic clinics and more than 210 successful projects, Pickup Sarmayeh is ready to serve you. Pickup Sarmayeh offers services in location selection, equipment purchase, staff recruitment, advertising, and more. For more information about Pickup Sarmayeh services and to take advantage of our free consultation, visit our contact page and complete the necessary form to await a call from our consultants.

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