Designing an Aesthetic Clinic

Designing an aesthetic clinic is one of the main steps in establishing a clinic, as it can attract clients and create a serene environment. A well-designed aesthetic clinic can help reduce stress levels and enhance treatment effectiveness through the use of soothing colors, soft lighting, comfortable furniture, and more.

While practical use of space is crucial, the visual appeal of an aesthetic clinic cannot be ignored. In this article, we will explore the main principles of interior design for aesthetic clinics. If you are planning to establish and design your aesthetic clinic, stay with us.

beauty clinic designing

Key Considerations Before Designing an Aesthetic Clinic?

Designing and decorating an aesthetic clinic may seem exciting, but it is a challenging task. Several factors need to be considered during the design process. Below are some of the most important considerations:

  1. Know Your Clients: Before designing the clinic, understand your clients’ age, gender, income, and preferences. This information will help you make informed decisions about the clinic’s design to meet their needs.
  2. Monitor Your Competitors: To ensure your clinic’s design is successful, consider your competitors. Note the positive aspects of their designs and avoid the negative ones. While it’s beneficial to get ideas from competitors, avoid copying their designs.
  3. Research Clinic Design: The primary principle in clinic design is optimal use of space. Some clinics may be visually appealing but fail to use space effectively, resulting in an uncomfortable environment. If you lack sufficient knowledge about designing beauty clinics, consult an experienced designer.

Important Areas in Aesthetic Clinic Design

Aesthetic clinics comprise various sections, but some areas are more important due to the time clients spend there.

Reception Area

طراحی کلینیک زیبایی

Upon entering an aesthetic clinic, the first area that catches attention is the reception. The reception area gives a general idea of the clinic and its ambiance, playing a crucial role in forming the first impression.

The design of the reception area should be visually appealing, easily identifiable, and accessible at first glance.

Waiting Area سالن انتظار کلینیک زیبایی

One of the most important areas in an aesthetic clinic is the waiting area. The waiting area should be adjacent to the reception, providing a comfortable and relaxing environment for clients.

Key considerations for designing the waiting area include:

  1. Privacy: The waiting area should offer a sense of privacy. Clients might spend several hours here, so it’s important they feel at ease. Ensure enough space between furniture for clients to comfortably engage in activities like browsing the internet or reading.
  2. Entertainment: Create a space where clients can pass the time pleasantly. Consider including a library, a television for various programs or showcasing clinic services, and free Wi-Fi to keep clients entertained.

Treatment Room

اتاق درمان کلینیک زیبایی

The treatment room should be easily accessible and spacious enough to accommodate all necessary equipment. It’s also advisable to use washable flooring for cleanliness.

Design and Decoration Considerations for an Aesthetic Clinic?

Floor Plan and Efficient Space Utilization

Before beginning the design, it’s essential to create a unique floor plan based on the building’s size and the services offered. The floor plan outlines different sections of the clinic and specifies pathways for clients and staff.

Before beginning the design, it’s essential to create a unique floor plan based on the building’s size and the services offered. The floor plan outlines different sections of the clinic and specifies pathways for clients and staff.

Having a well-designed floor plan allows for quicker implementation and achievement of your goals. Below is an example of an aesthetic clinic floor plan.

Example of an Aesthetic Clinic Floor Plan:

نمونه پلان کلینیک زیبایی

As shown in the plan, an aesthetic clinic should have clearly separated areas. The plan indicates laser rooms, treatment rooms, skin care rooms, reception, waiting area, storage, etc.

The waiting area is next to the reception, facilitating better interaction between staff and clients. Treatment, laser, and skin care rooms are located on one side, while the waiting and reception areas are on the other, minimizing unnecessary movement in the main area.

Choosing the Right Style for Aesthetic Clinic Decor

different style for aesthetic clinic

The first step in designing an aesthetic clinic is selecting the appropriate decor style, which should align with your target audience and vision. Consider styles like minimalism, classic, or glamorous for your clinic.

Furniture and Layout چیدمان مبلمان کلینیک زیبایی

The furniture and layout in your aesthetic clinic are crucial. Clients should feel comfortable using the furniture, and it should suit the clinic’s space and style.

The furniture should not give the impression of a general practice or hospital, nor should it undermine the clinic’s professional atmosphere. The furniture should match the clinic’s style. For example, if you opt for a minimalist design, the furniture should follow this style.

Incorrect Layout in an Aesthetic Clinic

Consider the example of the furniture in the image below. Although it follows a minimalist style, it is unsuitable for an aesthetic clinic. The metallic chairs are not ideal for a clinic where clients might spend a lot of time. Comfortable furniture is a better choice, and chairs should not be placed too closely together to ensure client comfort.

aesthetic clinic sofa and coach scaled

Proper Layout in an Aesthetic Clinic

Below is an example of suitable furniture for an aesthetic clinic. This furniture is not only comfortable, but its arrangement also ensures privacy for clients, allowing them to relax and attend to their activities with peace of mind. The furniture is an ideal choice in terms of color scheme, as it uses neutral colors to enhance the calming effect on clients.

arranging furniture for aesthetic clinic scaled

Lighting in Different Areas of an Aesthetic Clinic

aesthetic clinic lighting

Lighting in an aesthetic clinic should not only provide adequate illumination for performing beauty services but also enhance the visual appeal of the clinic using aesthetic techniques. Below are some key points to consider when planning the lighting for an aesthetic clinic:

  • Reception Area: Use soft lighting. It’s best to incorporate beautiful lamps, attractive chandeliers, etc., to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Treatment Rooms: Ensure full and bright lighting. Since these rooms are where precise work is done, the quality of lighting is crucial.

Choosing a Color Palette

choosing a color for aesthetic clinic scaled

Selecting an appropriate color palette is crucial when designing an aesthetic clinic, as the right colors can create a calming environment for clients. It’s important to choose soothing colors because beauty treatments can sometimes cause stress for patients.

Here are some examples of color palettes that are suitable for aesthetic clinics to inspire you:

different color palette color palette color palette for clinic color palette for beauty clinic color palette for aesthetic clinic collor palette and code

For ideas and to find suitable color palettes, you can visit the Coolors website.

Considering Proper Ventilation

When designing an aesthetic clinic, it’s essential to pay attention to room ventilation. Ensure that the clinic space has proper ventilation to allow fresh air to circulate regularly. This is not only important for hygiene but also helps create a comfortable atmosphere for clients, making them feel at ease.

Suitable Interior Design Ideas for Aesthetic Clinics

Below are a few examples of interior design ideas for aesthetic clinics to inspire you. These designs can help you plan and decorate your own aesthetic clinic

beauty clinic decoration 1 beauty clinic design 3 Designing an Aesthetic Clinic waiting room for beauty clinic modern beauty clinic


Designing an aesthetic clinic can be quite challenging, especially if you lack the necessary information and experience. Therefore, it is highly recommended to consult with a specialist before designing your aesthetic clinic. Our recommendation is “Pickup Sarmayeh.”

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