Establishment of Laser Clinic

Establishment of Laser Clinic or laser center is currently one of the best investment methods. The aesthetic industry is advancing day by day, and laser clinics, in particular, have been met with significant public interest. Therefore, if you’re looking for a suitable investment method and are interested in the beauty industry, we recommend establishing a laser clinic.

Setting up a laser clinic, similar to starting an aesthetic clinic, is a suitable investment method, but keep in mind that you need sufficient knowledge and experience to begin. If you’re starting out and need support in establishing your laser center, we suggest staying with us until the end of the article.

Stages of Establishing a Laser Clinic

Like any other business, establishing a laser clinic involves several steps that must be completed to set up the clinic. These steps might seem simple at first but involve complexities that could make the process somewhat challenging. We will now examine the most important steps in establishing a laser clinic.

Obtaining a License for the Laser Clinic

مجوز کلینیک لیزر

The first step in establishing a laser clinic is obtaining the necessary licenses from the Ministry of Health. Obtaining a license is crucial as it lends credibility to your clinic and allows you to operate legally. The steps and documents required to obtain a laser clinic license are similar to those needed for establishing a beauty clinic. For accurate information about obtaining a license, you can refer to the article on aesthetic clinic licenses.

Purchasing Laser Clinic Equipment

خرید دستگاه های کلینیک لیزر

Considering the services performed in a laser clinic, various devices may be needed. We will now examine the most important devices required for a laser clinic.

– Candela Laser Device. One of the most famous and best devices currently available for hair removal is the Candela device. This device uses 755 nm waves to remove unwanted hair.

– Radoplus Laser Device. Another device used for hair removal is the Radoplus device. It has three wavelengths: Alex, Diode, and Nd:YAG, and uses two separate cooling systems, making hair removal much easier for clients. This device is also used to remove skin spots, acne, etc.

– Titanium Laser Device. The Titanium device can also be used for hair removal. It has three wavelengths: Alexandrite, Diode, and Nd:YAG, effective on all skin types.

– HIFU Laser Device. The HIFU laser device is used for skin and body rejuvenation and helps lift and rejuvenate the skin. Its primary function is to increase the temperature in the targeted area, thereby stimulating collagen production and reducing skin wrinkles.

– Q-Switched Laser Device. A necessary device for a laser center is the Q-Switched laser device. This device uses specific wavelengths to remove tattoos, skin spots, sunburn, etc.

– Cavitation Laser Device. If you intend to offer weight loss and body shaping services at your laser center, one of the devices you will definitely need is the cavitation laser device. This device uses various waves to reduce the number and size of fat cells, thereby aiding in weight reduction.

– Cryolipolysis Laser Device. Another device used for weight loss and body shaping is the cryolipolysis laser device. This device reduces temperature in a specific area to eliminate fat cells, which are then gradually expelled from the body.

In addition to the devices already reviewed, a laser center also requires other equipment, which may vary depending on the active lines. Here are some of the essential pieces of equipment needed for a beauty clinic:

  • Examination bed
  • Laser bed
  • Autoclave

Choosing the Right Location for the Laser Clinic

انتخاب لوکیشن برای کلینیک لیزر

Choosing the right location for your laser center is crucial as it directly affects your income. The right location can lead to rapid growth of your laser clinic. Here are the most important considerations for choosing the right location:

  • Choose a high-traffic area
  • High population density in the area
  • Easy access via public transportation
  • Ample parking space
  • Consideration of nearby businesses
  • Security of the area
  • Maintain a suitable distance from other laser clinics

Hiring Staff for the Laser Clinic

استخدام پرسنل برای کلینیک لیزر

Depending on the active lines and the number of clients, different staff may need to be hired:

  • Technical manager. A laser clinic needs at least one technical manager with a general medical degree or a specialist in dermatology and beauty. Depending on the number of active lines, more than one technical manager may be required.
  • Laser operator. Depending on the number of devices available, you may need several laser operators. These individuals must have valid certifications to operate laser devices, usually obtained through training courses at various institutes.
  • Clinic management. Another essential role in a laser clinic is the clinic manager. While you might want to manage the clinic yourself, if you lack experience, it might be better to consider someone else for this role. As the clinic deals directly with people’s health, it is crucial that management is handled by someone capable.
  • Secretary. It’s impossible to run a laser clinic without a secretary. Depending on the active lines and clinic hours, you may need several secretaries.
  • Accountant. Every clinic needs an accountant to manage the accounts, calculate clinic expenses, and track profit and loss. It’s not necessary for the accountant to be present in the clinic at all times; they can manage financial tasks during specific days.
  • Housekeeping staff. Every laser clinic needs at least one housekeeping staff member to clean the clinic environment and attend to employee-related matters. If your clinic has several active lines, it’s better to consider employing several housekeeping staff to ensure cleanliness.

Income of Laser Clinic Staff

درآمد پرسنل کلینیک لیزر

The income of laser clinic staff varies depending on job title, expertise, experience, working hours, etc. However, here is an overview of the average monthly income of laser clinic staff in Tehran for the year 1402:

Laser clinic staff
The average monthly income in the year 1402.
Technical manager12-15 million Tomans fixed + 50% of services performed by the doctor
Laser operator10-12 million Tomans
Clinic management20-30 million Tomans
Secretary8-12 million Tomans
Accountant12-16 million Tomans
Housekeeping staff8-10 million Tomans

Please note that all amounts mentioned are approximate and negotiable, depending on the activity and workload, and are mentioned as averages.

Advertising and Marketing for the Laser Clinic

تبلیغات کلینیک لیزر

Attracting customers in any business requires advertising and marketing. Generally, marketing for laser clinics can be implemented both offline and online. By showcasing your work in advertisements, you can attract customers by gaining their trust. Comprehensive and detailed advertising methods for clinics are discussed in the article on beauty clinic advertising. For more information, you can refer to this article.

Opening of the Laser Clinic

Establishment of Laser Clinic

One aspect that deserves special attention is the opening of your laser clinic. After many ups and downs, now is the perfect time to see the results of your efforts. Here, you can invite friends and acquaintances to the opening of your clinic and introduce your services to attract customers.

For advertising your clinic, it might be better to create a video of the opening and share it on social media to announce the start of your activities. Offering discount codes to the first customers at the opening is one of the best ways to attract customers in the short term.

Costs of Establishing a Laser Clinic

To establish a laser clinic, various costs need to be considered. Below is an overview of the average costs needed to establish a laser clinic in an average area in the winter of 1402:

List of costs required to establish a laser clinic
Amount in Tomans

License acquisition


Purchase of devices and equipment

Over 200 million Tomans

Clinic rental costs

Over 20 million Tomans per month

Interior design

80-100 million Tomans

Staff salaries

Over 60 million Tomans per month

Advertising and marketing40-60 million Tomans

Characteristics of the Best Laser Clinics

The large number of laser clinics currently makes it difficult to decide on the best one. To choose a center that you can trust its services, it is important to consider several key points. Here are the most important characteristics that a laser clinic should have:

  • License. A laser clinic must have the necessary licenses. This ensures that the clinic meets the minimum requirements for obtaining a license, making it easier to trust.
  • Quality of the devices used. To receive the appropriate response from laser treatments, high-quality devices must be used. The devices should not only be of good quality but also suitable for your skin type to achieve the best results quickly.
  • Consultation and guidance. It’s advisable to seek consultation from a specialist before undergoing laser treatment, especially if you have a specific health condition and are taking medication. The consultant can help you choose the appropriate device and determine if you are a suitable candidate for laser treatment. Laser clinics should ideally have their own consultants to make more accurate decisions about using their services more quickly.
  • Use of qualified personnel. One thing many people consider when choosing a clinic is the doctor and clinic staff. It’s better to use a well-known doctor for your laser clinic to gain clients’ trust from the beginning. Beauty clinic staff, besides being experts in their field, should interact properly with clients to ensure a tension-free treatment process.
  • Attention to hygiene. One of the important aspects that people pay attention to is the hygiene of the laser clinic. All clinic staff should wear clean, sanitary clothing, and the clinic environment must be free of contaminants and regularly cleaned. It’s necessary to use disposable covers for clinic beds, changing them after each use. Also, equipment should be regularly sterilized to avoid any risk to visitors.


As discussed, establishing a laser center is a profitable investment method. Setting up a laser clinic involves various steps that can be time-consuming and sometimes confusing. Therefore, we recommend consulting with experts in this field.

Pickup Sarmayeh, with over 6 years of experience in consulting and establishing beauty clinics in Iran, is ready to serve you, our dear compatriots. You can use our free consultation by visiting our contact page and waiting for a call from our consultants after completing the form. You can also call us at 021-91099190 to take advantage of our free consultation. Additionally, for more information and discount festivals for setting up and establishing a beauty clinic, visit the Pickup Sarmayeh Instagram page.

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