Cost of Setting Up an aesthetic Clinic

Cost of Setting Up an aesthetic Clinic

The beauty industry is advancing day by day, and the establishment of aesthetic clinics has become one of the high-income businesses in Iran. Investing in setting up aesthetic clinics, although costly, also yields significant profits.

The necessary cost for establishing an aesthetic clinic depends on various factors, with the most important one being the number of active service lines in the aesthetic clinic. In the following, the most important costs required to start an aesthetic clinic are examined. We recommend you to stay with us until the end of this article.

Main Costs for Setting Up an Aesthetic Clinic

The startup cost of an aesthetic clinic is one of the main concerns for investors looking to enter this industry. While establishing an aesthetic clinic can be very profitable, it requires an initial capital investment. The most important costs necessary for establishing an aesthetic clinic are discussed below.

Cost of Renting or Buying Aesthetic Clinic Property

Cost of Setting Up an aesthetic Clinic

In order to establish an aesthetic clinic, the first step is to choose a suitable location for the clinic. Factors such as easy access via public transportation, population traffic in the desired area, proximity to high-traffic areas like malls and sports clubs, etc., should be considered when selecting a suitable location for the aesthetic clinic.

Depending on the building area, the desired city, building amenities, etc., the rental cost for an aesthetic clinic location can vary significantly. However, if you already have a location for your aesthetic clinic, the required cost for establishing the clinic will significantly decrease.

Cost of Purchasing Equipment and Supplies for the Aesthetic Clinic

هزینه خرید دستگاه برای کلینیک زیبایی

The highest cost involved in setting up an aesthetic clinic is related to purchasing equipment and supplies. Depending on the active service lines in the aesthetic clinic, you may need different types of equipment and devices. Beauty clinic equipment varies in price based on the material and manufacturer.

Many companies in Iran currently sell equipment for aesthetic clinics, making it a bit challenging to choose quality equipment at a reasonable price. If you intend to purchase aesthetic clinic equipment, it is advisable to seek assistance from an experienced consultant specializing in establishing aesthetic clinics and knowledgeable about the prices of aesthetic clinic devices. For more information on the prices of aesthetic clinic devices, read the article on the prices of aesthetic clinic devices.

Cost of Consumables for the Aesthetic Clinic

هزینه مواد مصرفی کلینیک زیبایی

In addition to the costs associated with purchasing equipment and supplies discussed earlier, the cost of consumables for the aesthetic clinic must also be considered. Aesthetic clinic consumables include necessary medications, syringes, fillers, disinfectants, sutures, rejuvenating threads, disposable gloves, etc.

The cost of purchasing consumables can vary significantly depending on the active service lines, the number of clients, and the quality of materials purchased. When purchasing consumables, it is advisable to be sufficiently careful and buy the best brands available in the market as these materials directly impact the patient’s health.

Cost of Design and Decoration of the Aesthetic Clinic

هزینه دیزاین و دکوراسیون کلینیک زیبایی

One of the most important costs, which is sometimes overlooked by aesthetic clinic founders, is the cost related to the design and decoration of the clinic. When a client enters an aesthetic clinic for the first time, the first thing that captures their attention is the design and decoration.

The aesthetic clinic should be designed in a way that optimizes space and incorporates all the necessary sections for an aesthetic clinic. Besides, the aesthetic clinic must have the necessary visual features to provide individuals with a sense of calmness.

In general, the cost of design and decoration includes coloring the environment, lighting, purchasing furniture, necessary items, etc. Decoration costs can vary significantly, and the required amount for decoration is determined based on the property area, type of items, etc.

Cost of Advertising and Marketing the Aesthetic Clinic

هزینه تبلیغات و بازاریابی کلینیک زیبایی

If you aim for your aesthetic clinic to achieve high income in a short period, you need to consider a reasonable cost for advertising and marketing. Aesthetic clinic advertising has various methods categorized broadly into online and offline methods. For more precise information on these advertising methods, refer to the article on aesthetic clinic advertising.

The costs related to beauty clinic advertising vary widely depending on the advertising method and your expectations. For example, if you plan to use billboard advertising across the city, the required cost will be significantly different from when you plan to use flyer advertising.

To attract customers at the start of your business, it may be better to consider an amount ranging from 60 to 80 million for advertising. This amount can be used for logo design, website design, leaflet design and distribution, advertising on virtual platforms, etc.

Costs Related to Personnel Salaries in the Aesthetic Clinic

هزینه‌های مربوط به حقوق پرسنل کلینیک

Another cost to consider at the beginning of the business is the salaries of the personnel in your aesthetic clinic. Depending on the active service lines in your aesthetic clinic, the number of staff members varies. You should consider the salaries for your staff based on the services you provide, the desired city, working hours, etc.

The average wages of individuals employed in an aesthetic clinic during the winter of 2023 are examined in the table below.

Employees in the Aesthetic ClinicAverage Salary in Winter 2023
Technical Manager12-15 million + 50% of the services provided
Laser Operator10-12 million
Slimming Operator10-12 million
Beauty Therapist10-12 million
Nutritionist15-20 million
Accountant12-16 million
Secretary8-12 million
Internal Manager20-30 million
Service Personnel8-10 million


Training Cost for Clinic Personnel

هزینه آموزش پرسنل کلینیک

After establishing an aesthetic clinic and hiring personnel, it is necessary to provide training for them in their respective duties. You may think that training personnel is unnecessary and that you can hire experienced individuals without incurring training costs. However, it is essential to know that even if an individual has sufficient experience, they still need to receive new training over time.

On the other hand, you may not have the necessary funds at the beginning of your work to employ all the personnel for your aesthetic clinic and may want to take on some responsibilities yourself. Therefore, training in various areas such as clinic management, financial matters, and accounting is required.

The required amount for training varies depending on the number of staff and the necessary training programs. Nonetheless, the investment in training will benefit your clinic in the long run.

Insurance Costs for Clinic and Personnel

هزینه های مربوط به بیمه کلینیک و پرسنل

After establishing an aesthetic clinic, it is necessary to insure the building, equipment, and personnel. Insurance payments are crucial because in the event of any unfortunate incidents, you can recover a significant portion of the damage through insurance claims. The cost of insurance varies depending on the number of people working at your clinic, the type of insurance purchased, and other factors.

It is advisable to allocate a specific amount for insurance payments. Employee insurance costs vary based on their salaries. Generally, 30% of the employees’ salaries are the monthly insurance cost, with 23% covered by the employer and 7% by the employees themselves.

Costs of Utility Bills and Building Maintenance for the Clinic

Another cost to consider is the expenses related to utility bills and building maintenance. This cost varies depending on your consumption and the building in which your clinic operates.

How to Finance the Costs of Establishing an Aesthetic Clinic?

As discussed throughout the article, establishing an aesthetic clinic requires a relatively substantial capital investment. However, there is no need to worry. Fortunately, there are many ways to secure the necessary funding to establish an aesthetic clinic. Some of the main methods include obtaining loans and forming partnerships.

  • Loans are one of the most common methods for establishing an aesthetic clinic. You can increase your chances of obtaining a loan by filling out forms at various banks. Some banks also offer special loans to doctors for establishing their clinics.
  • Partnerships are another way to finance an aesthetic clinic. By partnering with another person, you can cover some of the necessary expenses for establishing the clinic.


Establishing an aesthetic clinic, one of the most profitable businesses currently in Iran, requires initial capital. Generally, the main costs for establishing an aesthetic clinic were discussed throughout the article.

In an average area, establishing an aesthetic clinic approximately requires a budget of one billion Iranian tomans. Obviously, if you own the property for the clinic, this cost can be significantly reduced.

Establishing an aesthetic clinic involves various stages, and if you lack the knowledge and experience, you might risk losing your investment. Therefore, we advise consulting with an expert in the field of establishing aesthetic clinics.

We recommend reaching out to Pickup Sarmayeh, a leader with over six years of experience in equipping and establishing aesthetic clinics. Pickup Sarmayeh provides services in selecting the right location, design consultation, purchasing equipment, offering training courses, recruiting clinic personnel, marketing, and more. You can call 021-91099190 for free consultation from Pickup Sarmayeh. You can also fill out the contact form on our website and wait for a call from our consultants. For more information on festivals and discounts, we suggest visiting the Pickup Sarmayeh Instagram page.

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